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New GLXP Team - Synergy Moon - Expanded Press Release

Published by Rob on Fri Feb 27, 2009 9:47 pm
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(MOJAVE, CA)—The dream of returning humans to the Moon—this time to stay— is alive and well in a magnificently diverse team of space enthusiasts, artists, engineers, students, and explorers called SYNERGY MOON, the latest entrant in the Google Lunar X PRIZE. SYNERGY MOON is an international scientific consortium comprised of 48 members from 15 countries.

The current team arose from a collaboration of three organizations: private-sector space promoter InterPlanetary Ventures (IPV); the multinational Human Synergy Project (HSP); and launch service provider/lunar lander developer Interorbital Systems (IOS) of Mojave, California. Team sponsor eSpaceTickets.com, the world’s oldest space tourism contest organization, has signed on to support the SYNERGY MOON project with a series of sustaining sponsorship and funding programs.

“The Google Lunar X PRIZE is meant to open the field of lunar exploration to a global community of inventors, explorers, and entrepreneurs,” said William Pomerantz, Space Projects Senior Director, X PRIZE Foundation. “SYNERGY MOON is a fantastic addition to our roster of teams – the team includes a truly global set of innovators who will approach this difficult mission with new ideas and new passion.”

Kevin Myrick, IPV’s founder and SYNERGY MOON’s X PRIZE Team Leader, spoke passionately about his crusade to spark interest in space exploration, “IPV’s mission is to increase the number of people supporting space exploration and development, and to do whatever it can to assist in the creation of the technological and financial infrastructure required to support humanity’s expansion throughout the Solar System.” Myrick and IPV are not alone in reaching for this ‘return to the Moon’ goal— the Google Lunar X PRIZE is entirely aligned with the cause, as are all members of the SYNERGY MOON team.

Synergy, in the deepest sense of the word, has become a way of life for explorer, television producer, and high-seas adventurer Nebojsa Stanojevic, Director of the Human Synergy Project. After experiencing first-hand the ravages of war and enforced ethnic separation in the former Yugoslavia, Nebojsa is dedicated to linking ‘positive’ projects around the world. The synergy generated through these projects bridges cultural differences through collaboration. Neb will act as SYNERGY MOON’s international promotion and productions coordinator. His April 10-12 Yuri’s Night/SYNERGY MOON event in Guatemala, and the 4×4 Around the World Expedition are already in the works.

SYNERGY MOON chose rocket manufacturer Interorbital Systems (IOS) to provide launch services and lunar lander engineering development for the team’s venture. IOS, based at California’s Mojave Spaceport since 1996, was a competitor in the 2004 Ansari X PRIZE. Since Interorbital had already embarked on building rocket hardware for its own private-sector lunar sample return mission, the IOS team agreed to join SYNERGY MOON in a joint lunar quest. Roderick Milliron, IOS’ President and CTO stated, “From the day we founded Interorbital Systems, the company has had one major goal: to establish a low-cost space transportation link between Earth and Moon. Providing the SYNERGY MOON team with lunar-capable rocket hardware, and conducting the first of our many planned private–sector flights to the Moon, are perfect fits into IOS’ ongoing program toward the establishment of a permanent manned lunar base.”

Key features of the SYNERGY MOON promotional strategy include a global series of events featuring space-themed concerts, avant garde art festivals, space fashion shows, and breathtaking core technology demonstrations including rocket engine hot firings; suborbital and orbital hardware testflights; and ultimately lunar launches. A youth outreach by IPV and HSP has brought an enthusiastic multicultural and multinational student component to assist in all phases of these projects. All events are designed with an emphasis on the creation and promotion of sustainable, reusable, and eco-friendly planetary and space technologies.

Tony Webb, founder of SYNERGY MOON’s sponsor eSpaceTickets.com, has created a method that offers enlightened citizens of average means the ability to shape the future of space exploration by direct participation. Webb stated, “You cannot reach for the stars if you’re sitting on your hands!” Entrants in his Rovers on the Moon contest will not only help to fund the SYNERGY MOON project, but they will also have the opportunity to win premiums that have particularly high value to space buffs, like multiple days of astronaut experience training at the US Space and Rocket Center. For more information about the contest, and to help support SYNERGY MOON’s team efforts, visit www.eSpaceTickets.com.

For those who want to know as much as possible about the ‘tech’ of the rockets and space hardware that will power the SYNERGY MOON team’s mission, please visit www.interorbital.com. Interorbital Systems will use what is called a ‘lunar-direct’ launch of its modular NEPTUNE rocket to carry a lunar lander and rover to the surface of the Moon before the end of 2012.

Check for updates about SYNERGY MOON team activities and progress at the official team website on www.googlelunarxprize.org. Each week, read new features detailing the up-close-and-personal stories of the amazing personalities who make up the SYNERGY MOON team. Discover why they are all united in the quest to, as Team Leader Kevin Myrick says, “return to the Moon to stay!”

For advertising, sponsorship, and media information please contact: Randa Milliron 661.965.0771, or ios@interorbital.com.

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Synergy Moon

InterPlanetary Ventures, the Human Synergy Project, and Interorbital Systems have joined forces to become SYNERGY MOON, the newest team to enter the Google Lunar X PRIZE race to the Moon. With working groups in 15 countries, the SYNERGY MOON team actively promotes international cooperation in space exploration and development.

SYNERGY MOON will use a lunar-direct launch of an Interorbital Systems’ modular NEPTUNE rocket to carry a lunar lander and at least one rover to the surface of the Moon before the end of 2012. That rover will, at a minimum, travel 500 meters across the lunar surface, and transmit video, images, and data back to Earth. SYNERGY MOON will prove that an international, private-sector team can do what has never been done before: move private enterprise into space beyond Earth orbit.

California Space Authority Board Member Celeste Volz Ford commented on the link between science and the humanities, “For the space enterprise community to maintain its edge in the global space market, our future workforce is going to consist of engineers who think like artists and artists who think like engineers.” Speaking on the future of space exploration, Nicolas Peter, a research fellow at the European Space Policy Institute, commented “This adventure will be driven primarily by a quest for knowledge, involving not only the hard sciences, but arts and humanities as well.” The SYNERGY MOON team is unique in that its members personify an eccentric, electrifying merge of the arts and sciences

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