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New N-Prize Team - Aerosplice

Published by Rob on Wed Feb 18, 2009 6:00 pm
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Here is the team info:

Team 16
Country USA
Representative Matthew Mason Chapman
Website aerosplice.com/
email aerosplice@gmail.com

Aerosplice blends together many innovative and often overlooked technologies such as pulsejet engines, ramjet engines to boost rockets into the upper atmosphere and switching to a full rocket propulsion system at that point, and inflatable Delta Wing Gliders controlled with GPS to guide rockets and their payloads safely back to a specified location on the ground for an extremely inexpensive and surprisingly effective way to access space or at the very least a method of very high speed transportation of people and goods.

Our technologies will force people to rethink the advancement of the “Space Age” and how people look at accessibility and the possible wide spread and affordable use of space transportation.

“A non-traditional team of extraordinary inspiration.”

Matthew Chapman
Matthew is a dreamer, an inventor, a hardware expert, and a propulsion engineer with a solid base in physical sciences, astronautical engineering, and material science, specifically focusing on materials handling and manufacturing processes. He has numerous rocket and aerospace inventions and developments under his belt. Matthew is working to cut air transit times to under one hour, from anywhere to anywhere in the world using primarily air-breathing engines.

“I want Space Travel to become as common as commercial air travel.”

Sean Johnson
Sean is a professional code developer who had two internships at Microsoft before taking a job there for two years. In his spare time, Sean enjoys working on his operating system kernel, which he plans to expand into a proper micro-kernel intended for a vehicle control system. He is also interested in expanding autonomous flight capabilities to civilian applications and space exploration.

“Reliability is a requirement for rocket software; The micro-kernel era is here.”

Aaron Keller
Coming Soon!

Mason Robison
Mason is a graphic and web designer with a background in MEP engineering. He plans to expand into illustration over time. Check out Mason’s personal website here: masonrobison.com

“I am committed to self expression and acknowledgment.”

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