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ARCA - Haas Orbital Rocket Launcher for Google Lunar X Prize

Published by Rob on Tue Dec 23, 2008 11:51 am
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I have just received an E-mail from Dumitru at ARCA. Please see below for ARCA’s latest updates.

December 23, 2008 – RAMNICU VALCEA
Haas, ARCA’s orbital rocket launcher unveiled today. A series of media events, scheduled for next year, will be announched in short time.

Download 3.1Mb brochure.

Photo gallery.


Stabilo-ELL engine on test stand. Stabilo-ELL will be launched using hybrid engine technology instead of monopropellant technology.

Photo gallery.


“As I promised in May, we intended to launch STABILO-ELL vehicle in autumn of 2008. There were several events that forced us to delay the launch.


First, we are switching from monopropellant to hybrid propulsion. Inevitable, this lead to delays. The hybrid propulsion is the one that we are using for the Google Lunar X Prize Competition. STABILO was designed to become the ELE’s first stage and we planed to use hybrid propulsion for this launch.

Second, when we were about to start the propulsion tests, a personal health problem prevented me to work within the team. The tests were put on hold. I wasn’t available for about three months.

Finally, the team focused on the Haas orbital rocket launcher and on our governmental programs.

The team resumed the work on the Stabilo-ELL suborbital vehicle two month ago, after my return. We rescheduled the Stabilo-ELL launch for the begining of 2009. We hope to avoid further delays. For this end of the year I just hope that you will enjoy the Haas vehicle. We wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!” – Dumitru Popescu, ARCA Team Leader

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