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Updated: N-Prize - Official New Rules "Two Cash Prizes"

Published by Rob on Thu Nov 20, 2008 6:24 pm
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Here is a copy of a recent post by Dr Paul Dear, here he oultines the rule changes.

Dear All,

As Rob pointed out, the new rules are now up on the N-Prize site. The revisions allow for not one but TWO prizes, both of equal status and each with the original prize money of £9,999.99.

The “SSO” (single spend to orbit) prize adheres to the rules originally posted for the N-Prize, requiring everything that leaves the ground to be produced for £999.99 or less.

The “RV” (reusable vehicle) prize allows entrants to spend as much as they like on hardware, but they must demonstrate recoverability of some or all of the hardware, and must have a per-launch cost of £999.99 or less.

I hope that the additional prize will drive further innovation and will inspire more teams to join this madcap pursuit. Already, we’ve seen an upturn in new entries, with entrants split between the two categories.

To insanity and beyond!

Original Post below

Dr Paul Dear has uploaded the revised N-Prize rules. See a copy below:

The N-Prize offers two cash Prizes, each of £9,999.99 (nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine pounds and ninety-nine pence, sterling).

The prizes will be awarded to the first persons or groups to put into orbit around the Earth a satellite with a mass of between 9.99 and 19.99 grams, and to prove that it has completed at least 9 orbits.

One prize (the “single-spend-to-orbit”, or “SSO” Prize) will be awarded to the first entrant to complete the challenge using a non-reusable launch system. The other prize (the “reusable vehicle” or “RV” Prize) will be awarded to the first entrant to complete the challenge using a partially or wholly reusable launch system. Both prizes carry equal status.

The cost of the launch, but not ground facilities, must fall within a budget of £999.99. Entrants for the RV Prize may exceed this budget, but must demonstrate recovery of hardware such that the per-launch cost remains within £999.99.

Imaginative use of string and chewing gum is encouraged. Entrants are responsible for everything, organisers are responsible for nothing.

Please feel free to discuss this topic further in the forum or chat…

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