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Camera Captures Dramatic Curvature of the Earth, During a Test Flight by Cambridge University

Published by Rob on Fri Jul 25, 2008 5:27 pm
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From the edge of space a tiny camera captures the dramatic curvature of the Earth, during a test flight that is one small step for Cambridge University students aiming to launch a rocket into space for under £1,000. a UK amateur altitude record of 32,461m (106,500ft).


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A Recent N-Prize comment from “Ed” Reads:

Our plan is to fractionally distill Pinot Grigio into ethanol and
water, the latter will then by hydrolyzed into Lox. Hey presto, Lox/
Ethanol rocket.

Actually, we don’t have a plan yet, but we’re currently well into
building our 100+km rocket to be launched from a zero-pressure
balloon. We hope then to scale up for the N-prize, though with the
added complications of active guidance and needing some more ISP on
the upper stage(s).

Our history is with high altitude balloons, only recently have we
collectively got into rocketry.

We’re about 8 people strong, all undergrad, have design meetings in
pubs, and our stated aim is to launch a rocket into space. We’re
hopefully not too far away from that, at which point the stated aim
might change slightly to reflect the post above! I think the N-prize
is the perfect place to go once we’ve popped over the 100km barrier,
and that’s why we’ve joined up. And there’s no way I’m giving up the
fun of messing around with balloons and rockets once we achieve the
100km goal.

Please feel free to discuss this topic further in the forum…

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