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This Week On The Space Show

Published by Klaus Schmidt on Mon Aug 13, 2018 4:36 am
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The Space Show, hosted by David Livingston at www.TheSpaceShow.com, will have the following guests this week:

1. Monday, August 13, 2018, 2-3:30 PM PDT (21-22:30 GMT)

Space Development Steering Committee Petition against SLS, ORION, and LOP-G with Howard Bloom.



Howard Bloom has been called “the Darwin, Einstein, Newton, and Freud of the 21st Century” by Britain’s Channel4 TV and “the next Stephen Hawking” by Gear Magazine. Bloom is the author of The Lucifer Principle: A Scientific Expedition Into the Forces of History (”mesmerizing”—The Washington Post) and Global Brain: The Evolution of Mass Mind From The Big Bang to the 21st Century (”reassuring and sobering”—The New Yorker). Joseph Chilton Pearce, author of Evolution’s End and The Crack in the Cosmic Egg says “I have finished Howard Bloom’s two books, The Lucifer Principle and Global Brain, in that order, and am seriously awed, near overwhelmed by the magnitude of what he has done. I never expected to see, in any form, from any sector, such an accomplishment. I doubt there is a stronger intellect than Bloom’s on the planet.” Bloom comes from the world of cosmology, theoretical physics, and microbiology. But from 1968 to 1988, he created an entirely new form of fieldwork in cultural evolution, political science, and social psychology.

He turned down four graduate fellowships and embarked on what he calls his Voyage of the Beagle, an expedition to the heart of the beast, to the dark underbelly where new myths and new shifts in mass emotion are made. The result: Bloom was a professional star-maker, helping build the careers of figures like Prince, Bob Marley, Bette Midler, Michael Jackson, Billy Joel, Paul Simon, Billy Idol, Peter Gabriel, David Byrne, John Mellencamp, and Queen, and turned around abandoned projects for companies like Sony, Disney, Pepsi Cola, Coca Cola, and Warner Brothers. Bloom is a recent visiting scholar in the Graduate Psychology Department at New York University, a former Core Faculty Member at The Graduate Institute, and is the founder of three new fields: mass behavior, paleopsychology, and a new discipline he’s forging, omnology. Bloom has worked for 50 years on unifying the sciences, the arts, and history to create a project of a sort that’s normally the province of madmen—a 4,800-chapter body of work called “The Grand Unified Theory of Everything In the Universe Including the Human Soul.” Is this the insanity it seems? Pavel Kurakin of the Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics of the Russian Academy of Science in Moscow doesn’t think so. He concludes that, “Bloom has created a new Scientific Paradigm. He explains in vast and compelling terms why we should forget all we know in complicated modern math and should start from the very beginning. …Bloom’s Grand Unified Theory… opens a window into entire systems we don’t yet know and/or see, new…collectivities that live, love, battle, win and lose each day of our gray lives.”

2. Tuesday, August 14, 2018, 7-8:30 PM PDT (August 15, 2-3:30 GMT)

NSS publication AD Astra and more with Rod Pyle and Aggie Kobrin.

Rod Pyle is a space author, journalist and historian. He has written ten books on space history, exploration and development for major publishers that have been published in seven languages. His frequent articles have appeared in Space.com, LiveScience, Futurity, Huffington Post and WIRED. He has written extensively for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Caltech, and authored the Apollo Executive Leadership program for the Johnson Space Center with The Conference Board. Two of his books, “Destination Moon” (Smithsonian) and “Missions to the Moon” (Sterling) were bestsellers. His most recent release, “Amazing Stories of the Space Age,” hits the shelves on January 24. He is currently writing a new book, “Space 2.0,” for BenBella Books in association with the National Space Society. He appears frequently on national radio and television, with regular slots on KFI/Los Angeles, WGN/Chicago, PBS’s “Between the Lines” and other venues. Rod holds an MA from Stanford University and a BFA from the Art Center College of Design. Prior to book authoring, Rod produced nonfiction programming for The History Channel, Discovery Communications and a number of educational program providers, as well as producing TV commercials for over a decade. He additionally worked in visual effects on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and a number of sci-fi pilots for Paramount Television, and ran the preliminary visual effects unit for the new Battlestar Galactica. A number of his books, including “Innovation the NASA Way,” “Destination Mars” and “The Space Race” have been adopted for STEM efforts as well as university textbooks. He lives in Pasadena, CA.

Aggie Kobrin has managed the International Space Development Conference (ISDC) for the last five years, this will be the 6th ISDC event that her company CEC Global LLC has been in charge off. She also runs the National Space Society’s Space Settlement Summit, this will be the 3rd annual in November 2018. Aggie is the Managing Editor of “Ad Astra” the award winning magazine that the National Space Society is well known for. She is a space advocate and enjoys running all the conferences she is involved with. CEC Global also runs several other events each year dealing with all sorts of topics. The events range in size from a few hundred to tens of thousands and is based out of Irvine California.

3. Sunday, August 19, 2018, 12-1:30 PM PDT (19-20:30 GMT)

Open Lines Discussion.

The topics you want to talk about; 1st time callers OK, science, space, STEM, STEAM welcome

You can listen to the shows under www.TheSpaceShow.com

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