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Rockot successfully orbits Europe’s Sentinel 5P

Published by Klaus Schmidt on Mon Oct 30, 2017 11:20 pm via: Khrunichev
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Blasting off today at 12:27 msk from the 1st State Cosmodrome Plesetsk (Arkhangelsk Region, Nothern Russia), the Rockot integrated launch vehicle (ILV) has successfully orbited Sentinel-5P for European Space Agency.

The launch and flight control were performed by the Space Forces, a sub-branch of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

Liftoff and flight operations involving the launcher and the Sentinel-3A satellite have proceeded nominally. Following separation of the two rocket stages, the subsequent phases of satellite injection into the target polar sun-synchronous orbit was performed by the Breeze-KM upper stage.  The satellite separated from the Breeze-KM upper stage at the design time.

Fit with the TROPOMI (the TROPOspheric Monitoring Instrument) determine the quality of the atmospheric air, the 820-kg Sentinel 5P satellite will provide data on the global atmospheric composition. The developer and manufacturer of Sentinel -5P  is Airbus Defense & Space, UK ( ASU).

The small-lift Rockot launch vehicle was developed on the basis of a converted two-stage ICBM known as RS-18 (SS-19 in NATO classification). The Rockot LV includes 3 stages. The first two stages are the boosters borrowed from the strategic RS-18 rocket, and Stage III is the Breeze-KM upper stage.

The developer and manufacturer of the Rockot LV and the Breeze KM upper stage is the Khrunichev Space Center of Moscow.  Rockot/Breeze KM capabilities exactly meet the requirements for inserting small –to –medium size spacecraft into sun synchronous, near-polar orbits. Due to Breeze KM, Rockot ILV  can also be used to built satellite constellations through individual orbit insertion of two or more spacecraft launched in a single mission.

The Rockot LV has been in use for commercial missions since 2000 while Russian spacecraft have been launching on Eockot since 2005. Altogether, from 2000 through October 13, 2017, as many as 27 launches of Rockot LVs  have been performed, (  out of which seven launches involving hitchhiker payload insertion),  orbiting a total of more than 65 spacecraft for a variety of applications.

The launch contract for Sentinel-5P was concluded by Eurockot Launch Services. Headquartered in Bremen, Germany, Eurockot GmbH was established in 1995 to market the Rockot LV in the global market of commercial LEO satellite launch services. Currently, Eurockot is a joint venture between ArianeGroup  and Khrunichev Space Center.

Sentinel-5p is the second  European satellite launched on a Rockot LV  to support the ESA’s  Copernicus programme, previously known as GMES (the Global Monitoring for Environment and Security programme). The spacecraft is designed to provide data representing the composition of the atmosphere.

Eurockot has already provided successful launches of several spacecrafts (GOCE, SMOS, SWARM, Sentinel 3A and the Proba 2 technology demonstration spacecraft) built within the framework of several Earth observation projects ESA has been implementing.

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