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Science and Progress Departure Preps for Station Crew

Published by Klaus Schmidt on Fri Aug 19, 2011 9:23 am via: NASA
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The Expedition 28 crew members living and working aboard the International Space Station Thursday worked with a variety of science experiments and made preparations for the undocking of the ISS Progress 43 cargo ship scheduled for next week.

Commander Andrey Borisenko worked with the Coulomb Crystal experiment, which studies dynamic and structural characteristics of the Coulomb systems formed by charged dispersed diamagnetic macroparticles in a magnetic trap. Coulomb systems are structures following Coulomb’s Law, a law of physics describing the electrostatic interaction between electrically charged particles.

Borisenko also spent some time with the Russian Plants-2 experiment. Plants-2 researches the growth and development of plants under spaceflight conditions in a special greenhouse facility.

Flight Engineer Sergei Volkov set up and used video and photography equipment in support of the URAGAN experiment. URAGAN is a long-term Russian experiment that documents the changes that occur on Earth after catastrophes such as hurricanes and man-made disasters.

Working with the Fluids and Combustion Facility in the Destiny laboratory, Flight Engineer Ron Garan participated in the Preliminary Advanced Colloids Experiment (PACE). The goal of PACE is to test the capabilities of the Light Microscopy Module for viewing biological specimens.

To prepare the ISS Progress 43 cargo ship for its undocking at 5:38 a.m. EDT Tuesday, Flight Engineer Sergei Volkov loaded it with unneeded items and station discards. Once undocked, it will be placed into a parking orbit for engineering tests before it is deorbited for a fiery disposal over the Pacific Ocean on September 1. Its departure will clear the way for ISS Progress 44, scheduled to launch Wednesday from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

Flight Engineer Satoshi Furukawa unpacked and stowed supplies from the ISS Progress 42 cargo craft that has been docked to the station’s Pirs docking compartment since April 29.

Flight Engineer Mike Fossum and Garan performed maintenance on the station’s Waste and Hygiene Compartment in the U.S. Destiny module, removing and replacing a pump separator.

Fossum, Garan and Furukawa also took some time out of their busy work schedules to participate in an educational in-flight event with students at the Stennis Space Center in Mississippi.

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