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STS-133 Flight Day 11 Planned Activities

Published by Klaus Schmidt on Sun Mar 6, 2011 10:32 am
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8:23 GMT (3:23 am EST) – Discovery / ISS Crew Wake Up (begins FD 11)
11:33 GMT (6:33 am EST) – Discovery / ISS Transfers Resume
16:13 GMT (11:13 am EST) – Discovery Crew Off-Duty Period
18:58 GMT (1:58 pm EST) – Rendezvous Tool Checkout
20:33 GMT (8:33 pm EST) – Discovery / ISS Farewell And Hatch Closure
21:33 GMT (4:33 pm EST) – Centerline Camera Installation
23:53 GMT (6:53 pm EST) – ISS Crew Sleep Begins
0:23 GMT (7:23 pm EST) – Discovery Crew Sleep Begins

Keppler-telescope and Hubble-telescope examined suns at the orbit and know there facts of life for future generation in the universes,the fuel @ suns is living for the burnout as sole source of energy necessary for light(photon,E=mc2)based devices in the space,it is an appreciation and soul pat and sucess to space members and other crew for the excellent exploration in Discovery Space.
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