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The History of the International Space Fellowship.

The International Space Fellowship (ISF) has been constantly changing and evolving since its formation back in 2003. So, where did it all begin?

The ISF was originally the official forum and community for the Ansari X-prize, a prize that saw Burt Rutan’s Scaled Composites claim a ten million dollar prize-fund back in 2004. Located at xprize.org the community started up in mid 2003, as the Ansari X-Prize grew with publicity and popularity the general public began to take a space travel prize seriously.

The community grew into the hundreds and later into thousands, users all around the world coming together to discuss the prize and other related issues. The summer of 2004 saw the Ansari X-Prize claimed by Burt Rutan’s Scaled Composites, claiming not just the ten million dollar prize-fund but a place in history.

After the prize was claimed the X-Prize did not see the need for an active online forum and therefor it was moved to an entirely new and separate website. The community was relocated to xprizenews.org.

The separation from the X-Prize allowed the forum to grow, now handling topics away from the Ansari X-Prize the site started to reach out to different organizations and individuals. The Xprizenews site began handling more official forums for organizations vying for commercial space travel. Representatives from aerospace companies started to show a keen interest in being able to contact the public in an informal and quick manner.

On the 18th of October 2005 the community was relocated again, moving to its final location at spacefellowship.com. The International Space Fellowship was born. A new news system was implemented into the design meaning news items could be quickly uploaded onto the main site. New applications and systems were also added to the site evolving a once small forum into a fully active and vibrant community.

The International Space Fellowship now accommodates an array of staff working around the clock to keep users up to date with space related news and information. The community now has several thousand members among them representatives from organizations such as Armadillo Aerospace, Micro-Space, Masten Space Systems, JP Aerospace, Interorbital Systems, Microlaunchers and many, many more.

The ISF continues to grow thanks to the long lasting community which began growing back in 2003. We wish to thank the community who continue to visit and contribute, we warmly welcome new members to our truly “International Space Fellowship”.

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