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News about the PotentVoyager Nprize team and Carpe Astra Ltd

Posted by: SANEAlex - Fri May 03, 2019 3:19 pm
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News about the PotentVoyager Nprize team and Carpe Astra Ltd
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Author:  SANEAlex [ Fri May 03, 2019 3:19 pm ]
Post subject:  News about the PotentVoyager Nprize team and Carpe Astra Ltd

Hi all to any Space Fellowship people still checking the forums I thought by way of an update I'd share in the Spaceflight cafe area my recent @CarpeAstraLtd (Carpe Astra Ltd being born out of the ideas of the PotentVoyager NPrize team) tweet thread edited into a single post updating where we are at.

#Announcement Good & Bad news. The #GoodNews, after a lot of hard work and problems we now have a promotional film that we are proud of that we think gets across our basic concept well see below. The #BadNews is we had planned to use this film in a equity crowdfunding campaign to raise enough funds to maintain our intellectual property rights & build a proof of concept prototype unfortunately we unable to do so as our crowd funder says our profile is not high enough. We will not name or shame said company despite our disappointment as they have a duty to protect their investors from some types of risk as much as they can, although we have been upfront with them and all our existing shareholders that this is a high risk investment. Even though we are confident in the basic science of our technology, as the @Spacex story shows the risks even with an already known space technology before they went on to their much greater achievements it was not until their 4th flight that they succeeded. We want humanity to achieve the dreams of people like @elonmusk & @robert_zubrin of homesteading #Mars but think like @JeffBezos that we need to move heavy industry off planet first on the way towards those noble goals improving the prospects of #Earth as we go. For instance we think our technology could bring the price of launching into space down to a level that makes space based solar power stations economical viable. The idea has been around for a long time & is described well in @Isaac_A_Arthur video on the subject

The space industry has been full of dreamers that believed in making a better future for humanity many have failed honourably over the years few have succeeded in achieving the many “one small steps” of progress towards that goal that has been and still is needed as shown in Scot Manley’s @DJSnM video on the Roton We don’t wish to fail honourably not just for our sakes & that of our existing shareholders but we know that for long term survival the whole of humanity needs a viable space economy. At the end of our promotional film we state many times on many things that space enthusiasts have dreamed about for decades that “We can make it happen” this will only be true providing we get the help needed to do so. Richard and Alex the cocreators of the technology are amateur inventors not established business men we admit we need help with our goals if we are to proceed we are down to 3 options :-

1) Find an angel investor that enables us keep our IP & build a proof of concept prototype as a way to make the company successful 268

2) Sell our IP which is a currently pending patent and an option on PCT rights for that patent.

3) Providing our current shareholders agree put all our information in the public domain as we are still confidant that our idea is scientifically sound and would be likely to succeed even if it is without us.

Finally thank you all who have read this please retweet and share. Our website is and email to forwards onto both Richard and Alex for those who want to contact us.

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