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Picture of the day - Earth's Moon

Published by Matt on Tue Jul 7, 2009 1:53 pm
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This composite image depicts the moon’s rugged south polar region and is the the highest resolution topography map to date of the moon’s south pole.

It was generated by scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, using data collected using the Deep Space Network’s Goldstone Solar System Radar located in California’s Mojave Desert. This new map provides contiguous topographic detail over a region approximately 311 miles by 249 miles (500 kilometers by 400 kilometers).

Image Credit: NASA/JPL

Image Credit: NASA/JPL

A stunning and colorful depiction of our moon. For a certified non-scientific type like me, it would be nice to know what the colors relate to. I am assuming that these are doppler images, in that the point farthest away is red, and the point closest to the camera would be yellow, or even near white, if high enough. Also, what new information, if any, or better information than we had before, is generated by this survey method? Perhaps foollowing commentors could address these questions. Love the moon, love learning more about it. (also @OregonMJW on Twitter)
It indeed seems to be sort of a doppler image, but i don't know what the exact height difference is.
Rob Goldsmith
Ive been doing Digital Terrain Modelling this week, but not on the Moon! Now that is just awesome!!! Something for the future! haha
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