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Published by Sigurd De Keyser on Sat Apr 2, 2005 8:30 am
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March 31 2005 – Star Wars toys to fly to the edge of space.
On April 9th, the droid R4-G9, a Wookiee Warrior and General Grievous will travel where no Star Wars toy has gone before: to the edge of space.

For this mission, these Star Wars action figures will trade in their spaceships for a balloon. This flight, called “Away 26”, is a high altitude balloon research mission. It will be launched from the Black Rock desert in Nevada. The vehicle is a carbon fiber and foam diamond carried aloft by a single large helium -filled balloon. The balloon will reach a height of over 100,000 feet, nearly twenty miles high. Away 26 will test telemetry systems for high altitude airships and platforms.

R4-G9, Wookiee Warrior and General Grievous are from the “Sneak Preview” action figures for the upcoming “Star Wars: Episode III” movie.

Videos clips from previous JP Aerospace missions to the edge of space can be found online at www.jpaerospace.com.

Upon landing, the figures, ‘droids and Wookiees alike, will be sold on eBay. The proceeds will go toward the PongSat student education program. The figures will experience temperatures of -90F, vacuum and speeds of over 600 mph on descent.

“It’s a chance for the characters to stretch their legs before their debut in ‘Star Wars: Episode III, Revenge of the Sith,’” said John Powell, President of JP Aerospace.

In addition to the celebrities, this flight will carry 140 student experiments.
Away 26 is the eighty-sixth mission flown by JP Aerospace. JP Aerospace is a volunteer-based space program which builds and flies low-cost space systems.

Photographs for the media are available at www.jpaerospace.com.

Away 26 Mission Details:
• Mission Type: Unmanned High Altitude Balloon
• Maximum altitude: 110,000 feet
• Vehicle weight 25 pounds
• Total Flight Time: Four hours
• Additional payload: 140 student experiments
• Flight systems include: Command control telemetry system, Dual GPS tracking, Live video
downlink, digital still camera and environment measuring sensors.

R4-G9, Wookiee Warrior, General Grievous, Star Wars: Episode III, Revenge of the Sith, and Star Wars are trademarks of Lucasfilm Ltd. Lucasfilm Ltd. is not affiliated with JP Aerospace.

March 28 2005
Away 26 is nearing completion. Next Saturday the vehicle will undergo a ‘full up test’. This is a complete
cycling of the mission. The mission control team will be in the van, the antenna farm will be assembled and
Away 26 will be put through it’s paces. The difference will be location. The edge of the parking lot instead
of the edge of space.


JPA Welcomes our newest sponsor GP Deva!
GP Deva Body and Skin Care Products
GP Deva has developed a line of unique botanical mists, essential oils and herb tea products for health and beauty. GP Deva products will be heading to the edge of space on April 9th onboard Away 26.
GP Deva, with stores in Beverly Hills, California and Taiwan.

March 23 2005
New Video

The newest video clip shows the launch of the prototype Dark Sky Station. You can find it on the video page.

Away 26

The Away 26 mission will be lifting off on April 9th. The team is busy with all the hundreds of final details for the flight.
For you techo geeks out there here’s the Away 26 launch checklist:

Away 26 Launch Checklist

1. Battery voltage check.
¨ A. Primary controller

¨ B. Spread Spectrum controller

¨ C. Mini beacon

¨ D. Transmitted video system

¨ E. Recording video

¨ F. Load new batteries in camcorder

¨ G. Temperature data logger

2. Power Cycle Test

¨ A. Attach test flash bulbs to command pyrotechnic output clips (4)

¨ B. Power on primary controller

¨ C. Verify correct GPS Fix

¨ D. Verify command uplink

¨ E. Verify system time

¨ F. Power on spread spectrum controller

¨ G. Verify correct GPS Fix

¨ H. Verify command uplink

¨ I. Verify system time

¨ J. Power on transmitting video system

¨ K. Verify image on camera 1

¨ L. Verify image on camera 2

¨ M. Verify image on camera 3

¨ N. Verify image on camera 4

¨ O. Power on GPS tracker

¨ P. Verify correct GPS Fix

¨ Q. Send primary controller cutdown command

¨ R. Verify bulb flash

¨ S. Send primary controller parachute command

¨ T. Verify bulb flash

¨ U. Send spread spectrum controller cutdown command

¨ V. Verify bulb flash

¨ W. Send spread spectrum controller parachute command

¨ X. Verify bulb flash

¨ Y. Power down primary controller

¨ Z. Power down spread spectrum controller

¨ AA. Power off transmitting video system

¨ AB. Power off GPS tracker

¨ 3. Inform fill team GO For Balloon fill

¨ 4. Power on PongSat number 1601 Note time:____________

¨ 5. Power on PongSat number 1603 Note time:____________

¨ 6. Power on PongSat number 1606 Note time:____________

¨ 7. Power on PongSat number 1610 Note time:____________

8. Vehicle secure for launch.
¨ A. All boxes secure

¨ B. All structure bolts secure

¨ C. Antennas secure

¨ D. Stabilizer Fins secure

¨ E. Parachute secure

¨ F. Landing bumper secure

¨ 9. Final vehicle weighing. Note weight:_________________
¨ 10. Move vehicle into launch position
¨ 11. Inspect main rigging.
¨ 12, Confirm parachute rigging.

¨ 13. Verify popper pyrotechnic leads connected to internal popper connection.

¨ 14. Attach popper clips to the popper cutdown pyrotechnic.

¨ 15. Attach Popper parachute clips to the popper parachute pyrotechnic
¨ 16. Attach primary controller cutdown clips to the primary cutdown pyrotechnic.

¨ 17. Attach primary controller parachute clips to the primary parachute pyrotechnic.

¨ 18. Attach spread spectrum controller cutdown clips to the primary cutdown pyrotechnic.

¨ 19. Attach spread spectrum controller parachute clips to the primary parachute pyrotechnic.

¨ 20. Plug in mini-beacon battery and verify transmission.

¨ 21. Power on temperature data logger.

22. Power on digital cameral system

¨ A. Power on camera.

¨ B. Verify camera mode

¨ C. Verify 409 pictures remaining

¨ D. Verify flash off

¨ E. Verify connection to the camera controller

¨ F. Power on camera controller

¨ G. Verify taking of test picture.

¨ H. Seal camera box.

¨ 23. GPS tracker on and transmission and position verified.
¨ 24. Tape GPS tracker switch.
¨ 25. Power on primary controller and transmission and position verified.

¨ 26. Tape primary controller switch.

¨ 27. Verify terminal logging at mission control.

¨ 28. Power on Spread spectrum controller and transmission and position verified.

¨ 29. Tape spread spectrum controller switch.

¨ 30. Verify terminal logging at mission control.

¨ 31. Power on transmitting video and verify transmission.

¨ 32. Tape transmitting video switch.

¨ 33. Verify transmission video being recorded at mission control.

¨ 34. Turn on and verify recording on video unit on, Auto focus off.

¨ 35. Secure video camera box.

¨ 36. Foreign object removal inspection.

¨ 37. Ground video go.

¨ 38. Mission Control go.

¨ 39. Start Popper, turn on switch, note tone, note time_____________________.

¨ 40. Attach main rigging to the vehicle.

¨ 41. Sky clear of traffic

¨ 42. JP’s go

¨ 43. System is go for launch.

¨ 44. Launch on command. Note lift off time: _____________

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