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AERA preparing for first flight in 2006

Published by Sigurd De Keyser on Thu Feb 17, 2005 3:41 am
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chabot imageAERA Corporation, formerly known as American Astronautics claims they will become the first Commercial Space Travel Provider!

With an “amazing” site change and with a planned Altairis Adventure Rollout scheduled for March 2005 at the Planetarium in New York City, they claim: News is happening quickly at AERA as we define luxury space travel and prepare for our first flight in 2006.

AERA’s vertically launched spacecraft is based on 30 years of proven technology that can comfortably send seven passengers to space.

Their new site provides us with a few quicktime video’s:
Altaris launch teaser video: Low quality 1.1 Mb High quality 2.8Mb
Video Message from Bill Sprague, Founder & CEO: Download 5.0Mb
Video Message from Lewis Reynolds, President: Download 4.2Mb

Press Release:

February 15, 2005 – AERA Corporation announced today that in the rapidly emerging commercial space travel industry, it will be the first provider to launch passengers into space. Based on 30 years of proven technology, the Company has completed the design of the safest space flight system ever created and is now working on details and logistics for its first flight scheduled for 2006.

“Passengers can expect the ultimate luxury space travel adventure with a full service package that begins with astronaut training and culminates with a sub-orbital journey,” said the founder, Bill M. Sprague, chairman and chief executive officer of AERA. “We employed 30 years of proven technology and improved upon it with modern capabilities to develop Altairis, our first generation spacecraft. AERA’s commitment to the space travel experience is surpassed only by its commitment to safety.”

AERA is also introducing its new interactive website, located at www.aeraspace.com. Visitors can access information including a company overview, management profiles, frequently asked questions, as well as join the mailing list. In addition, there are dedicated areas for media and investors to download press kits, images and other valuable information.

“AERA is leading the luxury space travel industry,” said Lewis Reynolds, president and chief operating officer of AERA Corporation. “We have a highly capable management team with experience in vital areas from launching individuals into space to strategically managing and positioning multi-billion dollar companies. With the completed design of our Altairis spacecraft, institutional capital and the first flight scheduled for 2006, we are not only positioned to become the first space travel provider, but are two years ahead of the competition.”

AERA Corporation is leading the luxury space travel industry with the completed design of the safest space flight system ever created. Altairis, the company’s first generation spacecraft, features a superior design based on 30 years of proven technology and was expertly engineered by a staff highly experienced in the development of rockets and spacecraft. Altairis is vertically launched, lands horizontally and can comfortably send seven passengers to space. The first flight is scheduled for 2006. For further information about AERA, visit www.aeraspace.com.


When was AERA founded?
AERA was founded in 2002 to design, produce and launch manned spacecraft. Today, AREA has completed the design of the safest space flight system ever created and is preparing for its first flight in 2006.

What is the name of the spacecraft?
Our first generation spacecraft is named “Altairis,” which is derived from Altai, a double star 15.7 light years from Earth and the brightest star in the Aquila constellation. Altairis represents strength, safety and reliability.

When is Altairis’ first flight?
Altairis will make its first flight in 2006. Six passengers and one Mission Commander will be able to see and experience space like never before. Stay tuned for details on our first flight!

Is Altairis safe?
AERA is committed to the safety of its passengers above all else. Altairis’ design is based on 30 years of proven technology and still in use today for launching commercial, governmental and military payloads. Recovery of the spacecraft will employ the simplest and most reliable recovery methods available.

How many people can Altairis take to space?
Altairis can comfortably send seven passengers to space, including one Mission Commander.

Are there any amenities on-board Altairis?
AERA is defining luxury space travel by offering distinctive passenger accommodations and features intended to enhance the flight experience of every passenger. On-board Altairis, passengers will be provided with an individual communications device, video display and control panel, allowing an interactive experience with other passengers and those on the ground. Each passenger will also receive a videotape or DVD as a unique memento of their space adventure.

What will the experience be like?
Experiencing space from Altairis is like nothing you have ever seen in the movies or in pictures. Stay tuned for further details following our Altairis Adventure Rollout in March 2005 at the Hayden Planetarium in New York City.

How will AERA prepare me for the experience?
AERA will ensure that all passengers are fully prepared for their space adventure. First, AERA will determine the passenger’s ability to perform movements required for entering and leaving the spacecraft, and tolerate launch and recovery accelerations. Those who pass this initial screening will then participate in astronaut “space camp”. During training AERA will coach passengers on how to operate the onboard controls and communication systems provided at each passenger seat.

Sign me up! How can I reserve a seat?
Demand for spaceflights is growing every day. But, there is still time to reserve your seat. Stay tuned for further details on promotions and giveaways for seats on our first flight.

Aera will begin taking reservations for our first flights in the near future. If you are not one of the lucky few who gets an early flight reservation, you can still be among the first to go through our upcoming promotions and giveaways.

If you’re looking for a job in the Aerospace Industry and want to join the AERA team:
Please send your resume to careers@aeraspace.com.

For more info, visit:

There is a forum topic available for comments:

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