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Team STELLAR announces new core management team members

Published by Rob on Thu Dec 4, 2008 6:03 pm
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Team Stellar post:

Alan Rich – Chief Technical Officer
Alan Rich is a chemist from the University of Tennessee and Maryville College (1975-1982), with ongoing studies in aerospace engineering pertaining to spaceflight and interplanetary robotics with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) at the California Institute of Technology (1999-present).

Formerly a scientist working with NASA, the Department of Defense (DOD), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Rich specialized in the innovation of new technology for analytical chemistry. He was the first to develop a method for analyzing unstable products of combustion, applicable to a variety of sources such as internal combustion engines and industrial processes, using real-time derivitization and cryo-trap GC / Mass Spectrometry. He also developed the first instrumentation and methodology to simultaneously test solid rocket fuel formulations for energy content, burn rate, and products of combustion. This technique was also used by the DOD to characterize formulations of explosives for weapons systems.

He is currently a member of a technical public education program operated by NASA-JPL with responsibilities that include interface with news media and public groups. In addition, Rich has coordinated technology-transfer projects from NASA to private business. Current interests focus on the development of new and hybrid propulsion engines for ground-to-ground and Earth-to-orbit payloads, and high-efficiency technologies for spaceflight mission operations. Other current interests include aerospace spin-off technologies for automotive and industrial vehicle applications.

Frank Tricas – Senior Technical Advisor
Frank Tricas has 50 years of experience in aircraft, space system design, installation and operations. His education consists of 2 years at El Camino College and an advanced high-tech 4 year program in Communications Engineering. In 1953 advanced high technology courses were not offered at universities. Whenever available and applicable, he participated in additional self-directed courses at UCLA, USC and other universities. Frank entered the private sector at the height of the vacuum tube era. His career paralleled the high-tech evolution, advanced technology of the future; always on the leading edge in research and development. His efforts included miniaturization of components, solid state devices, chip development and advanced methods of hardware integration. He collaborated with Princeton University in the development of data communications from PWM to PDM. Frank supported RAF NATO force training to install and operate the THOR-IRBM nuclear missile system in the UK. Frank started his own corporation (Space Craft Industries R&D Inc) in 1967. His company produced printed circuit boards, component stuffing and development of multilayer boards. He supported the first procurement ferrite chips in industry (Silicon Valley).

During his career Frank traveled extensively from east coast to west coast and the Pacific region. His projects were based in Santa Monica, Culver City, Santa Barbara County, Edwards AFB, Vandenberg AFB, Patrick AFB, the Midwest, Southwest; also NASA Kennedy Space Center, Huntsville and Huston Texas.
The majority of his assignments required a top secret clearance and/or a nuclear secret clearance. His superiors often referred to him as the “problem-solving Guru” or the “man who persevered even when the majority disagreed”, a man with integrity and vision who focused on “how will the decisions we make today affect us 10-years from now?”

Joel Raupe – Sr. Lunar Advisor
Founder of http://www.lunarpioneer.com

Jan. 2007- present, Administrative Assistant to the Minority, North Carolina House of Representatives, North Carolina General Assembly (Paul “Skip” Stam), Raleigh, NC; July 2005- December 2006, COO, Dynamic Virtual Interiors, LLP, (SEO) Washington & Belhaven, NC; April – June 2005 Chief Legislative Analyst, John William Pope Civitas Institute, Raleigh; January 1999 – April 2005: Administrative Assistant to the Minority, North Carolina Senate; (Patrick Ballantine, 1999-2004, Jim Forrester, (2004) & Philip Berger (2004-05)

Republican Party Nominee for North Carolina House, District 6 – 2006; Author: court-ordered Interim Senate (Leg. Dist) Plan 2002 (re: Stephenson v. Bartlett, NC Supreme Court, 2002-03) – b. 1957, Washington, DC, Researcher Writer & Consultant; Married, Teresa Elaine Myers, Pantego, NC: Belhaven, NC, 1981; One daughter, Valerie Joyce, b. 1986, Granbury, TX; Amateur Radio Operator 1971- ; Amateur Astronomer 1970- ; Selenologist; Author: Sky Island, (fiction) 1991; pioneer of transition U.S. Congress to mainframe computer mediated documents and constituent service, 1979-1982; U. of So. Florida (1979), Ancient & Near East History, Astronomy; U.S. Capitol Page School, Library of Congress, Washington (1975).

June 1997 – December 1998: Network Consultant & Contractor, Value-Added Retailer, Computer Mediated Documents, Business Software Development & Network Architecture, Spence Design and Consulting, Inc., Washington, NC.

January – July 1997: North Carolina House of Representatives, NC General Assembly – Legislative asst. & Committee Clerk (Judiciary I) Rep. Sandy Hardy, Raleigh, NC.

August 1991 – December 1996: Full-time Father; Writer, Agricultural Experimentation; publisher & dealer, antiquarian books, New Albemarle Press, COO, Winter Tomato Partnership of Winsteadville, NC, winter greenhouse design, construction & operation.

January 1985 – July 1991: COO-Owner Comanche Peak Airporter Limousine Service, twelve-vehicle shuttle from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) & Comanche Peak Steam Electric Power Station, Granbury & Glen Rose, TX.

August 1984 – January 1985: Editor, Meridian Tribune (weekly), Meridian, TX

July 1982 – August 1984: Corporate VP, ARA, Inc., Granbury, TX. Family proprietorship, properties mgmt. & Builder: Lodge of Granbury, (118 luxury units) subsequently Owner & manager LOG hotel, convention Center & restaurant; Publisher & Editor/Owner Granbury Tablet (weekly) (circ. 10,515, 7/83); granbury! Magazine

May 1979 – July 1982: Assistant to the Majority Leader for Special Projects, U.S. House of Representatives, Washington DC; Design, implementation, Operation of original congressional computer constituent correspondence tracking and fulfillment system (Mainframe; Testimony, House Administration Committee, 1980).

U.S. House of Rep. Page & Page Overseer 1974-75; Has resided in Washington DC; Alexandria, Arlington, Falls Church & Berryville VA; Miami & Tampa, FL; Granbury, Hillsboro & Fort Worth, TX; Saigon, Vietnam & Djakarta, Indonesia. Presently commutes weekly from Ellis Cove (Beaufort County) to Raleigh, NC

Professor George H. Miley – Chief Scientist
Professor George H. Miley has dedicated his life’s work to revealing the secrets of nuclear science and developing their uses to benefit society. He began his career at the University of Illinois just three years after the nuclear engineering program was started there, and he continues as a Professor in the Department of Nuclear, Plasma Laboratory, and Radiological Engineering, and Electrical and Computer Engineering in the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He has led innovative research in several areas of nuclear science and engineering, ranging from fusion and lasers to nuclear batteries and fuel cells.
As a founder of the Fusion Studies Laboratory at the University and President of a small high- tech company devoted to renewable energy source technology, he has contributed to research on nuclear power sources including both magnetic and inertial confinement fusion for more than 30 years. His contributions have been recognized with a variety of national/international awards, including the Teller Medial for inertial confinement research, plus national ANS and IEEE Awards for contributions to fusion science and technology.

Professor Miley is internationally recognized for his innovative work on advanced fuel ICF target physics, and for contributions to innovative plasma devices, including the first direct electron-beam-pumped laser, and first visible nuclear-pumped laser, a flowing plasma focus, and the STAR mode IEC as a fusion neutron source for NAA. He and his students performed one of the first series of target compression experiments at the U of Rochester Laser Laboratory. Professor Miley has also made important research contributions to the field of nuclear engineering, ranging from fission reactor kinetics to direct radiation energy conversion and fusion technology. As a result of his seminal book, “ Fusion Energy Conversion” (1976), he is known as the “father” of advanced fuel fusion. His pioneering work on Nuclear Pumped Lasers opened up that field in the 1980s and gained international recognition.

Professor Miley is one of the most prolific researchers in the University of Illinois College of Engineering. Among his published works have been six books, over 230 articles in journals, and another 550 articles in conference proceedings. As a Director of NPRE’s Fusion Studies Laboratory, Professor Miley’s interests have ranged from fusion science and technology to direct radiation energy conversion. He is considered a pioneer in nuclear-pumped laser research and is widely recognized for innovative research in fusion. Professor Miley holds 19 patents.

Professor Miley is the author of over 190-refereed technical papers and is the editor or co-editor of a dozen books and proceedings. He is a Guggenheim Fellow, Fellow of four professional societies (ANS, IEEE, AAIA and APS), and holds the prestigious Preparata and Edward Teller Medals.

Bill Greuling – Chief Operating Officer
Bill has over twenty five years of experience in the U.S. military and aerospace industry as a program manager, contracts manager and materials and purchasing manager. As an officer in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Bill has served in variety of command positions including tours of duty as Platoon Leader, Heavy Equipment Platoon, Alpha Company, 2d Combat Engineer Battalion, Camp Casey, South Korea, as Company Commander of Headquarters and Headquarter Company, U. S. Army Engineer Center Brigade, Ft. Belvoir, VA and as Battalion Commander of the 802D Combat Engineer Battalion (Combat Heavy), Camp Humphreys, South Korea. While serving in his alternate military specialty as procurement officer, Bill served in a number of procurement staff positions including a two and a half year period of service as the Director of Contracting at Ft. Monroe, VA, fourteen moths as Director of Contracting at Ft. Belvoir, VA, and four years as a Contracting Officer with the U.S Army TRADOC Contracting Activity, Ft. Eustis, VA. After leaving the service Bill entered the aerospace industry. Bill has served as the corporate Manager of Contracts for TECSTAR Electro-Systems, in Durham, NC where he managed a Contracts Department responsible for a contracts portfolio of $130,000,000+ of active aircraft and space contracts. Also, while at TECSTAR, Bill served as the Senior Program Manager, Space Products Division. He was responsible for the performance of work for thirty six space contracts which resulted in the delivery of over 670 items of space hardware to variety of commercial and governmental space organizations and agencies. Bill managed a customer base that included Hamilton Sundstrand, Honeywell Satellite Systems Operations, Lockheed Martin, NASA, Orbital Science Corp., Kodak, McDonald Detweiller & Alcatel. Subsequent to his employment at TECSTAR, Bill was employed by New Phoenix Aerospace (NPA) located in Morrisville, NC. At NPA, Bill served as the corporate Director of Materials, Contracts and Program Management. Bill is a graduate of the U.S Army Engineer School and of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College at Ft. Leavenworth, KS. Bill also has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Duke University, and a Masters of Science degree in Contracts and Acquisition Management from the Florida Institute of Technology. He is an ex – Peace Corps Volunteer having served three years in Gabon, West Africa in a school Construction Program and is an ex-small business owner. Bill has been employed by the North Carolina Military Business Center since January 2006 as their Director of Operations. He also currently serves as the State Coordinator of the North Carolina Aerospace Alliance. He lives with his wife Rebecca in Durham, NC. He and Rebecca have five children and two grandchildren.

Keith Goeller–Executive VP, Business Operations
Keith is the Director of Information Technology for the Office of Licensing & Ventures at Duke University & Medical Center. Previously, he worked as Chief Information Officer for the parent company to eight subsidiaries serving the insurance, financial, and oil & gas markets. Goeller started his career in the United States Marine Corps as a software developer and brings over 27 years of experience applying technology solutions to business in a variety of industries including healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, and autonomous technology. He has participated in several new business initiatives and start-ups. Goeller received his MBA from the A.B. Freeman School of Business at Tulane University, and a BS in Business Administration (Minor in Management) from the University of New Orleans.

Goeller led “Team Gray” in the creation of an autonomous vehicle for the DARPA Grand Challenge — a 132-mile desert robot race sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense. Team Gray’s “Kat-5” vehicle was one of only four finishers of 196 entries, and was developed with less than 10% of the budget and time of other finishers while overcoming obstacles created by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Duffy Fol – Chief Fund Raising Officer
Duffy currently manages the Tivoli Business Partners Sales team for IBM. He is responsible for over 75 IBM Business partners and over $50 million in software sales. Duffy previously worked as a WebSphere Technical Advocate where he represented WebSphere to key audiences including: analysts, press, user groups, customers and the greater developer community. Before he was a WebSphere Technical Advocate, Duffy was the first official Linux Evangelist within IBM and worked for the Linux Solutions Marketing team.
As a Linux Evangelist he created marketing programs and tactics for IBM’s software products that run on the Linux operating system. His focus areas included: pervasive, academia and developer marketing. Duffy’s most notable projects to date include:

Addressing the United Nations in Geneva at the World Summit for the Information Society and the UNDP in New York City, NY. Team lead on the Intelligent Vending Initiative demo for Linux – a demonstration unit that shows a view of the possible future of pervasive computing using existing components available in the marketplace today Team lead for the Software Evaluation Kit (SEK) – IBM’s premier Linux software sample CD. Prior to joining IBM, Duffy received his Master of International Management degree from Thunderbird and his Master of Business Administration degree from Arizona State University. His prior work experience includes consulting engagements with USWest, marketing manager for an internet start-up media company, and brokering advertising space at trade shows and other events throughout the SW United States. In his spare time, Duffy enjoys mountain biking, basketball, rock climbing, bodyboarding and traveling.

Sanjiv Rai – Communications Officer
Sanjiv is the Founder and CEO of uniRF Technologies Inc. (uniRF), a hive off of ARE’s Wireless Convergence business. He has been the CEO and Chief Technology Architect at Advanced Radio Engineering (ARE) Technologies Inc. since 2000, where he is presently in transition. Sanjiv has been a recognized innovator, entrepreneur and research practitioner with over Fourteen years of global experience in the Wireless Communications Industry. He has a reasonable track record in creating high-impact innovations and managing international businesses across US, UK, Dubai and India. Sanjiv has been rated as “Top 100 Disruptive Innovators” by Red Herring, “Top 10 Asian Technology Visionaries” by ZDNet, an “Outstanding contributor to Engineering and Entrepreneurship” by ASEI and as one of leading “IT Innovators” and “Top 10 Emerging Stars in the IT industry” by NASSCOM. He has been honored as Chair on several committees and conferences on Technology initiatives across the world, including Chair positions at IEEE Technical Societies and International Committees. Sanjiv is the Chief Architect of D5TM Wireless Convergence Solution and AceWPTM product. In addition to his role as CEO, he has been a key driver behind Lean Six-Sigma and IPPD Quality rigors.

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