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Armadillo Aerospace News Update

Published by Sigurd De Keyser on Mon Jan 24, 2005 3:49 pm
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chabot imageMatthew Ross shared with us on the forum:
Mon Jan 24
Quick update:

No lift this past Saturday – had the same type of problems with this motor drive board rebuild as the previous board. Rebuilding it again, this time with transistors instead of the fancier controllers (older version with transistors didn’t give us these problems).

Installed about 100 lbs. of lead weight ballast on the top of the nose cone.

Hoping transistor version of motor drive board can be designed, ordered, received and populated by the end of this week (previous one was done quickly).

Tue Jan 18
We were hoping to get to the point on the 8th where we’d have everything basically working and be able to test the engine for the first time. We had rented the lift and were all set, but there was some problem with the motor drive board, and the pressure transducer wasn’t working again. I don’t know enough about the electronics to know what exactly was going wrong with the motor drive board, but we’ve decided to build a new one. It’s been designed and ordered, and hopefully will arrive this week. The pressure transducer was sent back to Omega to get fixed, and hopefully that will get back this week too. John is out of town for a space-related event so we won’t be meeting on Tuesday, but we may be renting the lift again for Saturday [crossing fingers].

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