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Unitel Inc joins the commercial race for space

Published by Sigurd De Keyser on Wed Nov 17, 2004 1:25 am
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PRWeb:Unitel Inc. of Portland Oregon, announced today that it is in the running for the “X-Prize – 2″ contest. This prize, organized by visionary real estate baron, Robert Bigelow, presenting a fifty million dollar award to a commercially developed vehicle with payload to reach outer space and return.

Unitel’s internationally patented revolutionary spaceship design, utilizing quantum mechanical properties will, “beat the pants off any competition and leave them in the dust”, says co-inventor and Unitel principal Larry Maurer, “– unless they are also moving at near light speed.”

Incredible as it may sound, Mr. Maurer says years of research and design are paying off and Unitel is now officially joining the second X-Prize race for space. Unitel’s system, having a spaceship with orbiting smaller vehicles that bears the likeness of a giant hydrogen atom, will fool Mother Nature and, in the taking advantage of quantum properties at the macroscopic level. “The ship basically projects a laser beam in front of the exteriorly charged with the intensity of an electromagnetic attraction comparable to a charged, rotating black hole which draws it’s equal and oppositely charged pair – in this case the ship- with it,” Maurer explains.

Detractors say it can’t be done, but an accumulation of peer-reviewed papers in mainstream physics journals validate the conceptual basis. “It’s just a matter of assembling the off the shelf parts,” says Unitel Vice President, Andrew Moore, “the physics is there.”

Unitel has a core team that spans the globe, and Newtonian physics seems a quaint idea of the primitive past compared to the quantum design of the Unitel spaceship. Unitel has the patents; they’re just waiting for the chance to” warp out of here.”

The X PRIZE Foundation didn’t accept teams similar to Unitel Inc. to compete for the ANSARI X PRIZE, because most people agree it can’t be done this way… will they prove most people wrong ? we’ll see…

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