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LIVE COVERAGE: Delta II Jason-2 / OSTM Launch (updated 8:41 GMT)

Published by Klaus Schmidt on Fri Jun 20, 2008 7:35 am
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8:41 GMT (4:41 am EDT): The successful separation of the Jason-2 satellite ends this launch mission.


8:35 GMT (4:35 am EDT): Second stage cut-off.

8:34 GMT (4:34 am EDT): The second stage is restarted and will burn for about 24 seconds.

8:34 GMT (4:34 am EDT): The ullage rockets were fired to settle the propellants for the upper stage second ignition.

7:56 GMT (3:56 am EDT): Engine cut-off of the second stage. The second stage and the satellite now enter a cruise phase. This cruise phase will last about 38 minutes.

7:51 GMT (3:51 am EDT): The fairing has been jettisioned.

7:50 GMT (3:50 am EDT): The second stage ignited.

7:50 GMT (3:50 am EDT): Main engine cut-off (MECO) of the first stage and stage separation.

7:48 GMT (3:48 am EDT): End of the 40-second long dogleg maneuver.

7:48 GMT (3:48 am EDT): The launcher now performs a so called dogleg maneuver to increase the inclination of the orbit.

7:47 GMT (3:47 am EDT): The three solid rocket booster that were fired at lift-off are depleted and jettisoned.

7:47 GMT (3:47 am EDT): The Delta rocket reached Max-Q, maximum dynamic pressure.


7:46 GMT (3:46 am EDT): Lift-off of the Delta II carrying the Jason-2 satellite.

7:45 GMT (3:45 am EDT): One minute until the launch. Everything is go for launch.

7:44 GMT (3:44 am EDT): T-2 minutes and counting. All tanks are now completely filled and under flight pressure.

7:32 GMT (3:32 am EDT): T-4 minutes and holding. This last built-in hold will last 10 minutes and allows the range safety devices to be enabled and the launch vehicle switched to internal power as well as the launch targeted for the right launch window.

7:26 GMT (3:26 am EDT): The fuel tank is now pressurized for flight.

7:21 GMT (3:21 am EDT): T-15 and counting. Everything looks good so far.

7:01 GMT (3:01 am EDT): T-15 and holding. This built-in hold will last for 20 minutes and allows the launch team checks of the rocket.
The launch is 45 minutes away, the weather looks ok so far, slow winds from the south-east.


5:34 GMT (1:34 am EDT): The fueling of the Delta II’s first stage has begun. This will take about 35 minutes for the fuel and after a short pause the LOX loading will take another 40 minutes.

June 20, 2008

June 19, 2008: The Delta II rocket stands ready on the launch pad SLC2 in Vandenberg for the launch of the Jason-2 / OSTM satellite tomorrow.

The OSTM (Ocean Surface Topography Mission) is a joint effort by four organizations including the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), NASA, France’s Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES) and the European Meteorological Satellite Organisation (EUMETSAT) to measure sea surface height by using a radar altimeter mounted on a low-earth orbiting satellite called Jason-2.

This satellite altimetry mission provides sea surface heights for determining ocean circulation, climate change and sea-level rise and have been instrumental in meeting NOAA’s operational need for sea surface height measurements necessary for ocean modeling, forecasting El Niño/La Niña events and hurricane intensity prediction. The Jason-2 spacecraft and its OSTM instruments will scan 95 percent of the world’s ice free oceans.

The satellite weighs about 506 kilograms.

The Delta II used for the launch is the 7320 configuration with 3 solid rocket boosters.

The launch window will open for 9 minutes at 7:46 GMT (3:46 am EDT) on June 20.

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