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"InterPlanetary Ventures" - Talking About the Google Lunar X Prize

Published by Rob on Sat Feb 23, 2008 2:31 pm
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New facebook message reads:

The Google Lunar X Prize is off to an official start with the announcement yesterday by Google and the X Prize Foundation of the first 10 teams to complete the registration process. They include a lone entrepreneur, a three man partnership, a multi-corporate partnership, an allstar team, an NGO, a corporation, an open source group, and 3 corp/edu partnerships.

Besides turning in the registration forms and documents, each team also paid a total of $10,000 for the registration fee. Each of these groups (with one exception) has formed a closed entity that provided their registration fee, and will compete as one ‘Team”. The one exception is the open source group, and they are actually lead by three individuals whose private companies funded their registration. Many of these teams have already started the development phase of their lunar mission. Most of these teams will be looking for a combination of investments and sponsorships to fund the development and operation!oftheir lunar mission. You can read more about the teams here: http://www.googlelunarxprize.org/lunar/teams In announcing these teams on the Artemis list today (2/22/08) Peter Kokh of the Moon Society said “Its’ one thing to talk about wanting to compete, another to put money where your mouth is.” Acutally these two things are not mutually exclusive. InterPlanetary Ventures falls into the the first category, we talk about wanting to compete, but we also fall into the second category.

Some of our members are already spending money developing both robotic and lunar lander hardware for the mission, and we have provided the X Prize Foundation with a letter of intent and a 10% deposit on the registration fee. Like the other groups that have already registered, we will be looking for sponsors to fund the major cost of development and operations for the lunar mission. Also like the other groups, we need to look to our group and our supporters to fund the startup cost and registration fees. If you really believe in the goals and mission of InterPlanetary Ventures show your support as many of us already have, by making a contribution and becoming an official member of InterPlanetary Ventures. We would love a $100 contribution (The Space Biz is Expensive!). We would appreciate a minimum contribution of $25 because of the various transaction fees between us and the Cause page, but we will be quite happy if you can at least give a token contribution of $10 to get this fundraising campaign off the ground. Any of these websites will accept any amount you choose to contribute, and we will get a membership package out to everyone who contributes at or above the $25 level.

Thanks for your consideration!

http://www.kemcom.net/ivnet/gotomoon.html http://apps.facebook.com/causes/view_cause/61154?recruiter_id=12453408

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