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Interorbital - 2007 Year End Update

Published by Rob on Sat Dec 29, 2007 11:50 am
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The end of 2007 brought a lot of focus on IOS and the development of our rocket systems. As a “last thought” of the year, I will share a different side to the one of our projects: the CM-1.

Human Spaceflight is always at the forefront of our goals. In mid-2006, IOS began the construction of a full-size (16-ft diameter) Crew Module (CM-1) flight trainer/simulator. The CM-1 accommodates at least six crewmembers and serves as the orbital crew return vehicle for the Neptune rocket. In an Apollo-like landing, the CM-1 will deploy parachutes and splash down for an ocean recovery. Under the direction of designer Roderick Milliron, our spacecraft technician Joel Kegel accomplished the majority of the construction. A&P mechanic / spacecraft technician Jaqi Wein completed painting and labeling, all by hand. They also constructed custom seats for the 6-place module.



CM-1 Interior: Crew Seat (Photo: Payam Emrani)

With an actual-size simulator in house, we are able to make structural and systems changes immediately. Approximately a year ago, the systems and software design began. The CM-1 will be used to train flight crews in all aspects of the Neptune’s flight profile, from launch to landing. The module will also serve as our flight hardware and software systems integration test bed. Future hardware installations will include a 6-axis hydraulic motion control system for the entire platform.

The CM-1 completion date is not a “set” event due to the on-going R & D purpose of the simulator. IOS projects that the unit will be fully operational in early 2008. Other uses for the CM-1 include film industry applications, other types of software testing, and possibly even immersive gaming. With the recent launch of IOS’ advertising campaign on the Sea Star satellite launch vehicle, supporters will also have logo placement opportunities available on the CM-1. In addition to prominent placement on the Sea Star microsat launcher and the CM-1 Crew Module, high-profile visibility for key sponsors will be available continuously on both US and European websites.

Composer Roman Kovalik checks out the
CM-1 comforts (Photo: Randa Milliron)



IOS’ future space tourists: fashion designer Danielle Kelly, model/comedian Gretchen Conlin, actress/model Codi Henderson, and choreographer/producer Sara Matthews lounge in the CM-1’s spacious interior. (Randa Milliron, photo left) (Payam Emrani, photo right)

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Gregory A Jones
Owner: Holo-Sat
Payload Integration Engineer/Mission Control
Interorbital Systems

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