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Station Crew Sleeps In After Thursday Spacewalk for Short Work Day

Published by Klaus Schmidt on Fri Jun 20, 2014 9:32 pm via: NASA
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The six member Expedition 40 crew slept in Friday after a seven hour and 23 minute spacewalk the day before. During their short work day the station residents worked on science, maintenance and exercise.

Commander Steve Swanson set up the Capillary Flow Experiment-2 inside the Destiny laboratory module for a test. The fluids investigation observes how liquids spread on a surface in microgravity with results potentially benefitting fluid transfer mechanisms in future spacecraft.

At the end of his day, the commander had time for a few more tasks. He completed an audio journal entry mentioning his insights about of living and working in space. Afterward, he participated in a conference about the station’s inventory management system.

Flight Engineer Reid Wiseman loaded science freezer payload application software on an EXPRESS rack laptop computer. He then inventoried Human Research Facility supply kits photographing their interior and contents.

Wiseman then reloaded firmware on Internal Wireless Integrated System remote sensor units after lunchtime. Upon completion of that work he worked in the Microgravity Science Glovebox checking out cables for the Burning and Suppression of Solids combustion experiment.

German astronaut Alexander Gerst of the European Space Agency saved data from a portable, wearable electrocardiogram to a medical laptop computer. The data collected is for the Biological Rhythms 48 study which evaluates a crew member’s biological clock.

Gerst later demonstrated physics principles in space for the Educational Payload Operations suite of experiments. He was in the Japanese Kibo laboratory videotaping the behavior and physics of soap bubbles in microgravity as compared to Earth for viewing by students on the ground.

In the Russian segment of the International Space Station, three cosmonauts are reconfiguring their space suits and the Pirs docking compartment after a Thursday spacewalk. Spacewalkers Alexander Skvortsov and Oleg Artemyev exited Pirs and installed an antenna, relocated a cargo boom, swabbed samples from a window on the Zvezda service module and switched out science experiment gear.

Flight Engineer Max Suraev checked the Pirs’ hatch, deactivated its spacewalk systems and installed air ducts in the docking compartment. In the afternoon, Suraev performed repressurization activities and worked on the Pirs docking mechanism.

Skvortsov and Artemyev removed U.S. cameras and lights from their Orlan spacesuits and checked in with spacewalk specialists on the ground. They dried their Orlan water feed lines, began discharging their suit batteries and prepared their suits for stowage.

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