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Are two giant planets lurking beyond Pluto?

Published by Klaus Schmidt on Mon Jun 16, 2014 4:54 pm via: Kazcosmos
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Pluto has long been regarded as something of an anomaly in our solar system. ompared to neighbouring worlds, the dwarf planet has an extremely tilted orbit which sometimes brings it closer to the sun than Neptune.

Now, astronomers in Spain believe it has yet another unusual feature – the world may be harbouring two supersized planet just out of reach of our telescopes.

According to a report by Nicola Jenner in New Scientist, researchers at the Complutense University of Madrid have found some strange patterns in the rocky objects around Pluto.

In March, researchers discovered a dwarf planet called 2012 VP113, along with up to 900 other objects, orbiting in a similar formation.

Scientists believe this object would be a world 10 times the mass of Earth and would orbit at 250 times Earth’s distance from the sun.

And they think this planet is moving in resonance with a much larger world.

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