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Fundamental Technology Systems: WebSite Finally Up

Published by spacecowboy on Sat Jul 3, 2004 3:40 pm
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chabot imageFundamental Technology Systems created a website, check it out.

Some info about their Research Rocket Plane:
The Research Rocket Plane Tested Vehicle is being developed to
1.) demonstrate engine catalist bed design,
2.) validate guidance computer software,
3.) validate vertical takeoff – horizontal landing configuration, and
4.) validate performance models. It is powered by a 1/10 scale Aurora kerosene and hydrogen peroxide rocket motor providing 1000 lbf.
Following erection on the mobile TEL the RRP is lanched and boosts for 100 seconds to 49,900 feet at 1000 fps velocity. Following boost, the RRP climbs to apogee at 62,000 feet, executes a pitch-over maneuver. At T+130 seconds the RRP flight control system deploys the wings and rolls out the RRP to glide back home. Waypoint guidance is used during the 38 psf descent glide at ~190 KTAS. The mission is complete at T+51 minutes with a flare and horizontal landing at ~86 KTAS. Com includes 1 UHF telemetry downlink and 1 UHF command uplink.

Two RRPs are in fabrication and each offers the opportunity for customers to test payloads installed in the RRP payload bay. The RRP provides investment opportunities for interested parties to benefit from the development and sales of reuseable experimantal rockets and test support service.

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