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Astronomy-Watch September07

Published by Rob on Tue Aug 28, 2007 7:32 pm
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August was a great month for everyone sky-watching. I shared several E-mails with people and on the night of the meteor Shower I had a wonder about Jill, I got a great E-mail from her asking for info on the shower. Her son had recently acquired a telescope and they were eager to get out and have a look! I hope to hear how you guys got on!

September should be another great month; the heat from the summer is starting to die back a bit but its still great for late evenings. Also the bonus with this time of the year is the sun is down earlier and everyone can get out sooner.

There has been a lot of speculation about mars being the size of the Moon this year; quite frankly you would be mad to believe it. The closest approach is on October 29-30, when the planet will be 43,137,588 miles distant. This close approach will not be as good as it was back on August 27, 2003 (34,646,418 miles, when we had absolutely incredible detailed views of it), but this time Mars will be about 30 degrees higher in the sky, taking it out of the often soupy haze nearer to the horizon.

Other planet watching also grown interesting this month two distant planets will be visible during September as well. Uranus will be in the constellation Aquarius, whereas Neptune will be in Capricornus. Only a medium-sized telescope will show their true nature. Both appear like little blue-green marbles. Jupiter is also in the sky at the moment so don’t miss it if you have even binoculars. It is great.

Some of us (not me) got to see the lunar eclipse last month, good luck with any images taken, here again are some of mine from the last UK one.

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But for those who want to see something special here is an image on the NASA website. This image of the Moon was taken by Brian Karczewski of Hemet, California. Credit: Brian Karczewski/SpaceWeather.com

nasa moon

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