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Amateur Rocket Reaches 6000ft, a New UK Record (Updated)

Published by Rob on Mon Aug 27, 2007 11:35 am
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The Space Fellowship recently reported on the annual rocket week in the UK. The highlighted rocket was the Corpulent Stump. A rocket estimated that has become the largest amateur rocket flown in the UK. Weighing 110 pounds, the home-made projectile was built from scratch by 39-year-old IT worker Richard Brown.

The rocket finally flew after being delayed due to bad weather conditions. The flight went well although the rocket finally came to a climax as it crashed into the Scottish ground. The rocket reached speeds of 469 mph for its minute-long flight, became the most powerful non-commercial rocket to be launched in the UK before.

Costing £4,000 ($8,000) to build and £650 ($1300) to launch, the Corpulent Stump was just one of the missiles on show at International Rocket Week, an annual rocket-fest held in Scotland. Permission is needed from Air Traffic Control to launch the rockets.

Mr Brown, 39, who travelled up from the south of England in order to fire his pride and joy, which he built from scratch, told the Daily mail that admitted his hobby was the equivalent to using 100-buck notes to light his cigars with. But he didn’t see it as a deterrent, claiming that he would build bigger and better models. “I couldn’t take up something like fishing,” he added. “That would be boring.”

The enthusiasts taking part in the International Rocket Week event say amateur rocketeers have a long record of developing new technologies and techniques which have shaped space exploration from its beginnings.

For some comparison, the highly regarded Starchaser launch from Morecambe may reached a maximum altitude of 5,541 feet while the Corpulent Stump reached 6000 feet.

The FAA consider Space to begin at 100Km or 328k Feet so trying to get some perespective on how near Space that was they were 1/55th of the way there.

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