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ISS to Build Up Meteorite Defenses

Published by Klaus Schmidt on Sat Jun 23, 2012 8:19 am via: RIA Novosti
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Russian cosmonauts will conduct a space walk in August during which they will install additional anti-meteorite panels on the International Space Station (ISS), cosmonaut Yury Malanchenko said on Friday.

Malanchenko, his U.S. and Japanese colleagues, Sunita Williams and Hoshide Akihiko, are scheduled to depart for a space mission on July 15.

“We will have a space walk in August, which I will conduct together with [Russian cosmonaut] Gennady Padalka,” Malanchenko told journalists in Star City near Moscow, where Russian cosmonauts live and train.

“We will have to move a cargo platform so as to use it more conveniently in the future. We will also install meteorite protection panels [on the ISS],” he said, adding that the space walk will last six hours.

The panels are designed to protect the space station from small objects, including space debris.

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An defending walk of 6 hours with some exploration can happen in augst 2012 by russian cosmonauts and japanease space crew to protect from falling wreck fragments of asteriod VESTA and AG5 the Meteriots or other finer debris of mist.
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