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LIVE COVERAGE: Ariane 5 SPACEWAY 3 and BSAT-3a Launch (updated 0:18 GMT)

Published by Klaus Schmidt on Tue Aug 14, 2007 11:06 pm
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0:18 GMT (7:18 pm EDT): Successful separation of BSAT-3a. Another successful Ariane launch came to its end.

0:16 GMT (7:16 pm EDT): Separation of the Sylda 5 payload structure in order to free the underlying BSAT-3a.

0:11 GMT (7:11 pm EDT): The SPACEWAY 3 satellite is separated.

0:09 GMT (7:09 pm EDT): Shut-down of the upper stage. The next steps are the separation of the satellites and the payload structure Sylda 5.

23:53 GMT (6:53 pm EDT): Main engine cutoff and separation of the first stage. The second cryogenic stage ignited. The ESC-A upper stage with its HM-7B engine will now burn for 15 minutes.

23:47 GMT (6:47 pm EDT): The payload fairing is jettisoned. As the rocket reached over 100 kilometers altitude and left the dense atmosphere, this cover is no longer needed.

23:46 GMT (6:46 pm EDT): The two solid rocket boosters have been jettisoned after 140 seconds. The main stage continues to push the rocket skywards.

23:44 GMT (6:44 pm EDT): Liftoff of the Ariane 5 ECA rocket carrying SPACEWAY 3 and BSAT-3a.

23:43 GMT (6:43 pm EDT): T-1. Switched to onboard power. Everything is ready for the launch of the Ariane 5 rocket. The Vulcain main engine will be ignited 7 seconds before the boosters to ensure proper operation.

23:40 GMT (6:40 pm EDT): T-4. The tanks are pressurised for flight.

23:37 GMT (6:37 pm EDT): T-7. The so-called synchronized sequence is started. This sequence runs completely automated. If a problem occurs the countdown have to be reset to the start of the automated sequence.

23:29 GMT (6:29 pm EDT): 15 minutes remaining until the launch. Everything is currently on go.

22:44 GMT (6:44 pm EDT): The clock says one hour until launch. The weather looks fine for launch.

18:56 GMT (2:56 pm EDT): The fueling for the Ariane 5 main stage has begun. The stage is powered by the Vulcain 2 engine feeded by liquid oxygen (LOX) and liquid hydrogen (LH2). Today’s launch will be the 33rd for Ariane 5 and the 177th for the Ariane family. We are under 5 hours from the launch now.

August 14, 2007

August 13, 2007: (Arianespace) – The Ariane 5 ECA vehicle emerged from its Final Assembly Building this morning at 11:30 a.m., and covered the 2.8-km. distance to the ELA-3 launch zone in less than one hour. This Ariane 5 is installed on one of two mobile launch tables operational for the workhorse commercial launcher, which ride on a system of dual rail tracks connecting the major infrastructure elements at the Spaceport.
Weather was near perfect for today’s rollout, with a nearly cloudless sky directly above the Spaceport’s launch zone.

August 13, 2007: The Ariane 5 rocket with its dual payload is ready for the launch tomorrow. It will be rolled out to the launch pad today afternoon.

The payload consists of two satellites weighing a total of 8,042 kilograms:
SPACEWAY 3 is a Ka-band satellite to be operated by Hughes Network Systems LLC. It weighs about 6,075 kilograms.
BSAT-3a, based on the A2100 A model from Lockheed Martin Commercial Space Systems, has twelve 130-watt Ku-band channels to provide telecommunications services to Japan. It has a weight of 1,980 kilograms.

The Ariane 5 will fly in its ECA version with the cryogenic upper stage ESC-A powered by the HM-7B engine. It uses the Sylda dual payload structure. The launch window opens on August 14 at 7:44 pm EDT (23:44 GMT) and remains open until 8:21 pm EDT (August 15 0:21 GMT).

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