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LIVE: Endeavour Docking (updated 18:19 GMT)

Published by Klaus Schmidt on Fri Aug 10, 2007 4:12 pm
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18:19 GMT (2:19 pm EDT): The docking ring is now retracted and a hard docking achieved. During the next two hours the docking connection will be checked and leak checks performed. After this procedure the hatch will be opened and the ISS crew can welcome its guests.

18:02 GMT (2:02 pm EDT): The Shuttle has docked to the International Space Station. After the vehicles’ motions has been damped the docking ring will be retracted for the hard docking.

17:57 GMT (1:57 pm EDT): The Shuttle closed to under 10 metres now.

17:42 GMT (1:42 pm EDT): The range is now under 50 metres.

17:21 GMT (1:21 pm EDT): The Shuttle is now positioned for the final approach. The distance is about 100 metres.

17:05 GMT (1:05 pm EDT): The pitch maneuver is finished.

16:59 GMT (12:59 pm EDT): The ISS crew started taking photos of the thermal protection system of the Endeavour.

16:56 GMT (12:56 pm EDT): The Shuttle is now about 200 metres away from the Station and started the rendezvous pitch maneuver. The Shuttle will turn with a rate of about 1 degree per second.

16:45 GMT (12:45 pm EDT): One hour and eight minutes until docking.

16:42 GMT (12:42 pm EDT): The Shuttle is about 500 metres away from the ISS. The closing rate is about 2.5 feet per second. A few minutes until the rendezvous pitch maneuver.

16:38 GMT (12:38 pm EDT): A short correction burn with the Reaction Control System RCS, called MC-4, was executed sucessfully.

16:31 GMT (12:31 pm EDT): The Shuttle closed the range to the ISS to about 1 kilometer.

15:50 GMT (11:50 am EDT): Endeavour is about 10 kilometers away from the ISS, with the docking scheduled a bit over an hour from now. About one hour earlier, the Space Shuttle will make its backflip to enable the crew of the ISS to photograph the thermal protection system.

15:16 GMT (11:16 am EDT): Successful burn.

15:06 GMT (11:06 am EDT): 10 minutes until the Terminal Initiation Burn. This burn, taking 9 seconds, will bring Endeavour onto its final rendezvous course to the ISS.

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