Headlines > News > Three people die in fatal explosion at Mojave Airport (continued)

Three people die in fatal explosion at Mojave Airport (continued)

Published by Sigurd De Keyser on Sun Jul 29, 2007 11:48 am
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For the general information about the accident, please visit:

Statement by the Personal Spaceflight Federation

This is a sad day for the personal spaceflight industry. Tragedy has struck our small community and our deepest sympathies and thoughts are with those involved and their families.

We are engaged in a demanding endeavor — opening the space frontier. It is not easy, but it is a goal worthy of our highest efforts. We are aware of the risks and every day we take the highest precautions. It is too early to comment on the specifics of yesterday’s events, but we can state publicly our commitments going forward:

As individuals and as an industry, we pledge that:

* We will always be open and honest to the public and our customers about the risks of our activities and about any incidents that may occur.
* If there is an incident, a proper and methodical investigation will be conducted to determine the cause.
* We will apply the lessons of the investigation now underway and work to prevent this from happening again.
* We will persevere — we believe that we can best honor those pioneers who were involved by carrying on their work.

After the work and sacrifice of many, the space frontier is now being opened by private enterprise. As leaders of companies and organizations who are engaged in this undertaking, we are committed to striving for the highest level of safety for the public, our customers and our employees. We can do no less.

Gary Hudson, AirLaunch
Stu Witt, Mojave Air & Space Port
Eric Anderson, Space Adventures
John Carmack, Armadillo Aerospace
George French, Rocketplane-Kistler
David Gump, Transformational Space
Jim Benson, Benson Space Company
Burt Rutan, Scaled Composites
Alex Tai, Virgin Galactic
Robert Bigelow, Bigelow Aerospace
Mark Sirangelo, SpaceDev, Inc.
Jeff Greason, XCOR Aerospace
Art Dula, Excalibur Almaz
Kelly O’Donnell, Spaceport America
Peter Diamandis, X PRIZE Foundation
Elon Musk, SpaceX

Statement X PRIZE Foundation:

We were devastated to learn about the heartbreaking loss that took place at Scaled Composites yesterday. Our hearts go out to all the families in Mojave who are working through this tragedy. It is a sad reality that pushing boundaries of exploration involves great risk. These people are true pioneers and it is our hope that the spirit of exploration they embody will live on.

It seems the media is reporting a lot more about this tragedy, tracing people’s life’s etc, than they generally invest to report about aerospace in general:

Vitaliy Gisin has spoken out about his younger injured brother, Scaled Composites employee Eugene Gisin.

Todd Ivens just returned from reunion, girlfriend says:

Less than a week before a nitrous oxide explosion killed Eric Blackwell, he and his wife visited close friends who were on a camping trip in Mammoth.

Charles Glen was proud to be part of X Prize win:

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