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NASA Small Business Innovation Research Program Companies Score Big with State Of Ohio

Published by Rob on Wed Jul 25, 2007 6:24 pm
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Cleveland–Two of the NASA Glenn Research Center’s Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR) companies recently found themselves the recipients of grants from the State of Ohio. Zin Technologies, Brook Park, Ohio, and Hyper Tech Research, Inc., Columbus were recent awardees through the Third Frontier Project’s Ohio Research Commercialization Grant program.

Zin Technologies was awarded $344,513 to commercialize a wireless biometric monitoring system to measure patient’s vital signs outside of the clinical and hospital setting. This modular, battery-operated device will have an operating period of four-to-five times the life of the current system and weigh 40% less. The device is based upon astronaut monitoring systems used by NASA and can be used during
extra- and intra-vehicular activity operations.

Hyper Tech Research, Inc., was awarded $350,000 to work with Rolls-Royce on the development and commercialization of superconducting fault current limiters, low-cost high-current devices intended to protect the power grid. Prototypes developed by Rolls-Royce use Hyper Tech’s patented magnesium bromide superconducting wire. The development of these wires makes possible the potential to have much lighter superconducting coils thus enabling lighter weight motors than with any other metal or ceramic superconductor.

“The opportunity that the State has provided Ohio-based companies through this program is a perfect compliment to the Federal SBIR program. We are very excited by the success of these SBIR companies in attracting state funding to further the development of such significant technologies,” said Gynelle Steele, program manager for Glenn’s SBIR program. “The ability for these technologies to be commercially available is a real benefit to the company, state and nation as a whole.”

NASA’s SBIR program seeks to encourage private sector commercialization of NASA innovations while supporting and encouraging minority and disadvantaged business participation. The program is administered through an annual solicitation for proposals.
For NASA the SBIR program provides innovation to enhance and complement research and technology in critical mission areas while providing a low-risk way to develop and commercialize innovations for businesses.

For more information on Glenn’s SBIR program, visit:


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