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Sea Launch Awaits Delivery of new Gas Deflector

Published by Klaus Schmidt on Tue Jul 24, 2007 11:16 am
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Long Beach, Calif., (Sea Launch) – Sea Launch’s prime contractor for launch system ground support, the Design Bureau for Transport Machinery (DBTM) of Moscow, Russia, has completed fabrication of a new gas deflector for the Zenit-3SL launch system. The massive structure is expected to arrive in mid-August at Sea Launch Home Port, where it will be installed at the stern of the Odyssey Launch Platform, beneath the launch pad.

The gas deflector was destroyed during the failed January 30 launch attempt, when a Zenit-3SL vehicle lost thrust and impacted the structure. The gas deflector (also known as the flame deflector), is a one-of-a-kind, 280 metric ton steel structure, including truss supports, that directs engine exhaust away from the platform and controls the acoustic environment. DBTM managed construction of the replacement structure near the Baltisky shipyard in St. Petersburg, Russia, where the original deflector was manufactured.

Sea Launch is proceeding on schedule with repairs and re-certification of the Odyssey Launch Platform and associated launch support equipment. A team of specialists currently working on the Odyssey at the Victoria Shipyard in British Columbia, expects to complete the heavy industrial repair work and painting next week.

The construction of the gas deflector is considered a major milestone among these activities. Other completed work includes repair and installation of the platform’s hangar doors and communication antennas, and replacement of heat-affected wiring and cables. Sea Launch plans to conduct marine tests before returning to Home Port in Long Beach in August to resume work with the installation of the gas deflector. Progress of “Mission Recovery” is posted on the Sea Launch website at www.sea-launch.com. Following repairs and recertification of all systems, the Sea Launch team will transition to mission operations in preparation for the launch of the Thuraya 3 satellite in October.

About Sea Launch Company
Sea Launch Company, LLC, based in Long Beach, Calif., provides heavy lift launch services to commercial satellite customers. With the advantage of a launch site on the Equator, the Zenit-3SL rocket can lift a heavier spacecraft mass or provide longer life on orbit, offering best value plus schedule assurance.

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