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Carmack 100kft Micro Prize Launch Attempt Announced

Published by Klaus Schmidt on Thu Jul 14, 2011 8:28 am via: Armadillo Aerospace
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Launch Attempts
As of July 2011 one prize launch attempt has been announced:

In “[AR] Proteus 7 team declares for Carmack 100K prize.” on 13 July 2011, Jeff Taylor, jeff at lokiresearch.com, wrote:

Curt Newport and Jeff Taylor plan to fly our “Proteus 7″ sounding rocket over 100,000 feet and hopefully win the Carmack prize if it is still unclaimed.

Flight data from earlier flights of Proteus 6 and Proteus 6.5 have been posted to this list (see http://youtu.be/p5pfJAARrT8 for Proteus 6.5 video).

When: 9/30/11-10/2/11 (TRA’s BALLS event)
Where: Black Rock Desert, NV
Length:  15′ 9″
Diameter:  6″
Unloaded Weight:  90.5 lbs.
Loaded Weight:  191.0 lbs.
Materials:  6061 aluminum (motor case and airframe), 7075 aluminum (fins), 2024 aluminum (fin mounts), and laminated birch wood with composite covering (nosecone).
Propellant:  Ammonium Perchlorate Composite Propellant (APCP)
Total Impulse:  Approximately 95K Newton-Seconds
Initial Thrust:  1,736 lbs.
Maximum Thrust:  2,149 lbs.
Burn time:  13.0 sec
Avionics and Recovery:
Ozark Aerospace Electronic Altimeters (two)
Ozark Aerospace Telemetry System: Garmin GPS receiver integrated with a one watt 900 MHz RF down link transmitter
Rouse-Tech CO2 Ejection System using two 38 gram cartridges
Adept Rocketry UHF RF transmitter
Walston UHF RF transmitter
Ballistic Drogue Parachute, 73″ X-Form
Aiptek digital HD camera

-Jeff Taylor & Curt Newport

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