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Carmack 100kft Micro Prize

Published by Klaus Schmidt on Tue Jul 12, 2011 9:20 am via: Armadillo Aerospace
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The Carmack 100kft Micro Prize

In discussions on the mailing list aRocket of the relative difficulty of launching a rocket to 100,000 feet, John Carmack established a $5,000 prize for the first person or group to reach that goal.

This page logs the rules set up for that competition, and archives the text of the emails that established the prize and its rules. If someone announces intent to compete or wins the prize, that information will be recorded here as well.

The Rules:

The prize is $5000 USD, and has been augmented with a further $5000-$5500 by the people listed at the end of this page. The collection of the prize from each benefactor is up to the prize winner.

  • The launch attempt must be registered by a post to aRocket at least 30 days prior to the attempt, with the following information:
  • A reasonable description of the vehicle
  • The launch location
  • The launch date
  • The rocket must gain 100,000 feet from launch altitude using rocket propulsion.
  • The rocket must record a GPS serial log of the flight with at least one report above 100,000ft plus the launch altitude.
  • The rocket must be recovered essentially intact, the recovery system having functioned.
  • The rocket must be recovered within 24 hours of launch.
  • A report on the vehicle and operations must be made available on the web for posterity, with a level of quality suitable for publishing in a magazine. The report’s author retains copyright.
  • Good video of at least the launch must be shared. Ideally video is captured of the entire flight to recovery, but this is not required.
  • If multiple stages are used, they must all be recovered successfully.
  • Armadillo Aerospace is disqualified from the competition.
  • The competition is judged by John Carmack.

Any revisions or additions to the rules will be recorded here.

Funders of $5500 of prize beyond John Carmack’s $5000:

Paul Breed, Paul at rasdoc dot com
Make that 7K, I’m good for 2K.

Robin Snelson, robin dot snelson at gmail dot com
Make it $8K. I’ll add $1K.

Kaido Kert, kaidokert at gmail dot com
I’ll chip in another $1K. $9K now.

Troy Prideaux, geordi at c031 dot aone dot net dot au
Make it an even 10k – 1K from me.

Alex Bruccoleri, alexrocketry at gmail dot com
Okay so I still think being under 22 takes this prize from being trivial to being significant so I will add $250.00 if the team or person involved is under 22 at the date of launch and $500.00 they are under 18. Some colleges offer support for projects, but being young and lacking experience is a big deal to me so I will put some money up to back that. I realize it isn’t much money, but I am a grad student so relative to my worth, it is a lot. Furthermore I understand getting rocketry materials as a minor or under 21 can be difficult. However, I did it when I was a kid and will know if the brains of the operation is the kid or parent/adult signing the papers by talking to the them. To claim my bonus, I will just want to talk on the phone for a brief interview.

Good luck!

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