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Science Activities and Shuttle Preparations for Station Crew

Published by Klaus Schmidt on Thu Mar 31, 2011 8:35 am via: NASA
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The three-member Expedition 27 crew spent Wednesday performing science and maintenance and preparing for STS-134.

Commander Dmitry Kondratyev worked on several Russian experiments. He participated in Typology, which studies how a crew member works in weightlessness. Kondratyev also worked on Rusalka which measures carbon dioxide and methane in the Earth’s atmosphere. He copied data from the Identification experiment which studies the loads placed on the International Space Station during spacecraft dockings, reboosts and spacewalks.

Flight Engineer Paolo Nespoli packed gear for return to Earth aboard space shuttle Endeavour when STS-134 ends. Nespoli also trained for the photography session he and Flight Engineer Cady Coleman will conduct when Endeavour performs a back flip prior to docking next month.

Coleman collected biological samples for storage inside a science freezer, MELFI, or Minus Eighty-Degree Laboratory Freezer for ISS. MELFI is part of the Human Research Facility inside the Destiny laboratory. She also worked inside the Quest airlock with the U.S. spacesuits. She charged batteries, checked communication systems, swapped helmets and dumped and filled water tanks inside the suits.

Nespoli and Coleman took time out for a European Space Agency fitness event from the Destiny lab and discussed working out and eating in space. The education event, “Mission X – Train like an Astronaut,” promotes exercise and good nutrition for children. For more information visit:

Kounotori2, Japan’s H-II Transfer Vehicle, was released Monday morning and deorbited Tuesday night at 11:09 EDT for a fiery destruction over the Pacific Ocean. The Japanese resupply vehicle had been at the station since January 27 when it was captured by the station’s robotic arm and berthed to the Harmony module.

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