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Starchaser Microgravity Training

Published by Rob on Mon Jun 18, 2007 9:04 pm
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Starchaser are offering an opportunity for microgravity training flights from the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida.

As most know, these flights follow a series of parabolic arcs to recreate a feeling of “weightlessness” inside the cabin. Using this technique you can experience up to seven or eight minutes of microgravity, similar to that which professional astronauts experience during orbital spaceflight. The plane will also be flown to recreate one-third G, similar to Martian gravity and will fly a few arcs at one-sixth G so that you can experience how it feels to walk on the surface of the Moon.

This microgravity activity is an important training aspect in preparation for Starchaser sub-orbital spaceflights. It’s the way NASA astronauts train and it will prepare for the experience encountered aboard the Thunderstar spaceship a few seconds after Launch Escape System separation, when the capsule enters the coast phase of its flight.

This microgravity experience package includes all safety training, your flight suit (yours to keep) and your certificate of achievement which will be presented to you at a champagne toast following landing. Your flight will also be filmed using the onboard cameras and will be edited to a DVD that will be mailed on to you.

Since we’ll be flying from the Kennedy Space Centre, we thought we’d also throw in free admission to the world famous Visitors Complex where you will have up to two days to explore the facilities and see first hand, an incredible array of space related exhibits and artefacts, touch a real moon rock, see the mighty Saturn V and enjoy the fantastic IMAX space movie theatre. These tickets also permit entry to the Astronaut Hall of Fame which boasts a number of spaceflight simulators and other interesting items.

We have 10 places available on our first microgravity training experience package, which will fly on 24 November 2007 for the special price of £1850. This price includes everything specified above but does not include hotels or your travel to the Kennedy Space Centre (though we can advise on where to stay etc.).

If you would like to join us on this exciting adventure, simply download the application form from the link below, then complete and return it to us with your payment.

Microgravity Training Application Form (PDF, Adobe Acrobat, format – 37Kb)

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