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Expendable Vehicle Status Report

Published by Rob on Wed Jun 6, 2007 8:18 pm
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Mission: Dawn
Location: Astrotech Space Operations Facility Launch Pad: 17-B Launch Vehicle: Delta II 7925-H Launch Date: July 7, 2007 Launch Time: 4:09:31 – 4:36:22 p.m. EDT

At Pad 17-B, the Delta II first stage was hoisted into the launcher on May 28 after a postponement due to high wind at the launch pad.
Technicians then began working to erect the nine solid rocket boosters. A mechanical problem with the crane used to hoist and mate the first set of three boosters stalled further launch vehicle build-up. As a result of the crane problem at the pad, the launch of Dawn has been retargeted for July 7. Repairs to the crane are now complete. The operations to attach the solid rocket boosters resumed today. The second stage is planned to be hoisted atop the first stage on June 20.

Due to the change in the launch date, the planned loading of xenon for the ion propulsion system was rescheduled. The operation began Tuesday night and is under way today. Hydrazine, used for spacecraft control and maneuvering, is scheduled to be loaded on June 10. The spacecraft will be transported to Pad 17-B for mating to the Delta II on June 26.

Mission: Phoenix
Location: Payload Hazardous Servicing Facility Launch Pad: 17-A Launch Vehicle: Delta II 7925 Launch Date: Aug. 3, 2007 Launch Time: 5:35:18 a.m. EDT

Spacecraft processing is on schedule. The landing radar was integrated with the spacecraft on Tuesday, and testing is now under way.

An entry, descent and landing system verification test is scheduled for June 7 – 8.

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