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Why You Can't Buy a Spaceflight

Published by admin on Tue Jun 29, 2004 6:06 pm
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chabot imageYou can’t just buy a ticket to space. Dennis Tito did once, but no one else has. Why is that?

Promoters of the Ansari X Prize understand that part of the reason is that there isn’t a private group offering such a service. Maybe there will be soon.

Let me give you another reason. The government could have taken passengers for a long time, but they set the price too high. NASA, by refusing non-Senatorial passengers essentially set the price at an infinite number of dollars. The Russians were a little more forthcoming – $20 million plus a lot of headaches.

Wanna know more? I’m an economist, and I have a longer post about this entitled “Governments Don’t Price Well” at my blog, voluntaryXchange.

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