Headlines > News > ARCA will launch Helen 2 space rocket from the Black Sea, between August 3 – 5

ARCA will launch Helen 2 space rocket from the Black Sea, between August 3 – 5

Published by Klaus Schmidt on Tue Aug 3, 2010 9:50 am via: ARCA
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Launching Helen 2 rocket, ARCA wants to achieve two objectives:
- launching the first Romanian space rocket in a suborbital flight
- achieving the first flight in Google Lunar X Prize

Helen 2 system overview
Helen 2 is a suborbital system consisting of a helium balloon with 0 pressure, that lifts a two stage rocket vehicle and payload European Lunar Lander (ELL). The payload is a pressurized capsule that carries avionics, such as accelerometers, cameras, satellite tracking systems, GPS, sensors, telemetry equipment, etc.

Flight sequence
The 281 NSSL Constanta ship will carry the ARCA team and the equipments inside the Black Sea safety zone, in the point of the balloon inflation.

The ascension of the balloon will take about an hour at the altitude of 14 000 m. During the launch in the center area of safety, the flight may be canceled by detaching the carrier rocket and its destruction at the impact with the water at any time necessary.

At that altitude, the vehicle will command the separation and start the first stage rocket engine. It will run 30s, and accelerate the vehicle up to speed 420m / s and altitude of 21.000m.

After consumption of the fuel first stage, the second stage will be switched on and will accelerate the vehicle for another 40s, up to speed 1200 m / s and at altitude of 34.000m. Weightlessness will follow up on reentry.

From this altitude, the vehicle will climb inertial to an altitude of 80.000m. Follows the reentry into Earth’s atmosphere and recovering the capsule, the stage rocket, the capsule of the balloon equipment and the balloon itself. All these elements are provided with radio and satellite-tracking equipment.

The program of the Helen 2 space rocket was done with exclusively private funds. Our partners for this Mission 4 are BRD Group Societe Generale (principal partner) and Rompetrol (assures the logistics for the ships).

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