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Genesis II Launch Campaign Update

Published by Sigurd De Keyser on Mon Apr 16, 2007 11:12 pm
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Statement from Robert T. Bigelow on the Second Bigelow Aerospace Pathfinder Mission

Bigelow Aerospace has been informed by its launch services provider, ISC Kosmotras (“ISCK”), that the launch of the Genesis II spacecraft will be delayed by as much as four weeks.

During the final testing of the Dnepr launch vehicle in Baikonur, Kosmotras discovered improvements and upgrades that should be made to enhance the system’s efficacy and reliability. These upgrades are being made to all Dnepr launch vehicles and will increase the chances of achieving our primary goal of mission success.

However, making these improvements will take time. Bigelow Aerospace now expects that the Genesis II launch will take place in late May.

Testing and preparatory work on the Genesis II spacecraft itself will be completed this week at the Yasny Launch Base. We’re proud to report that the spacecraft is in excellent condition and ready for integration with the Dnepr’s Space Head Module as soon as Kosmotras is able to proceed.

No one ever wishes for a delay, but discovering problems and making the relevant fixes are a normal part of every launch campaign. Bigelow Aerospace supports ISCK’s prudent decision to take the necessary time to enhance the Dnepr’s systems.

The Genesis II represents our most important mission yet — in particular, with a variety of mementos, pictures and personal belongings onboard as part of our pilot “Fly Your Stuff” program — and both ourselves and our launch provider want to err on the side of caution to make sure that the hopes and dreams that the Genesis II embodies meets with success.

- Robert T. Bigelow

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