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Live Coverage: Expedition 15, Soyuz TMA-10 spacecraft Launch

Published by Sigurd De Keyser on Sat Apr 7, 2007 4:46 pm
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It was a perfect Countdown and perfect Launch.

17:40 GMT T+9:00: Third stage cut-off Soyuz separates; Antennas and solar panels deploy; Flight control switches to TsUP (Moscow Mission Control Center), Korolev

17:38 GMT T+7:30: Velocity is 6000 m/sec

17:36 GMT T+4:58: Core booster separates at 170 kilometers; Third stage ignites

17:33 GMT T+2:40: Escape tower & launch shroud jettison

17:33 GMT T+2:00: Booster velocity is 1500 m/sec

17:33 GMT T+1:58 Stage 1 (strap-on boosters) separation

17:32 GMT T+1:10 Booster velocity is 500 meters/second

17:31 GMT T-00 Fueling tower separates; — Lift off

17:26 GMT T-05 First stage engines at maximum thrust

17:21 GMT T-10 Engine turbopumps at flight speed

17:16 GMT T-15 Second umbilical tower separates from booster

17:11 GMT T-20 Launch command given at the launch position; Central and side pod engines are turned on

16:51 GMT T-40 Ground power supply umbilical to third stage is disconnected

16:31 GMT T-1:00 Vehicle on internal power;Automatic sequencer on; First umbilical tower separates from booster

16:03 GMT For those interested you can later on watch the live webcast at NASA TV or later on at Energia.ru .

15:45 GMT The local weather in Baikonur looks good. We have no wind and no rain. The sky is overcast. 106 Minutes to launch.

Expected Launch of the Expedition 15 Crew from Baikonur, Kazakhstan, Launch Time: 17:31 GMT

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