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Scaled Composites: SpaceShipOne Flight Test data

Published by spacecowboy on Thu May 13, 2004 10:58 pm
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chabot imageFlight 56L / 14P
Date: 13 May 04 Flight Time: 1.5 hour / 20 min 44sec
White Knight Pilot: Binnie White Knight Copilot: Stinemetze SpaceShipOne Pilot: Melvill
High Chase Alpha Jet Crew: Van der Schueren / Johnson Low Chase-Duchess Pilot: Siebold / Moore
The third powered flight of SpaceShipOne. 55 seconds motor burn time. Handling qualities during boost and performance verification. Reaction control system use for reorientation to entry attitude. Supersonic feather stability and control.
Launch conditions were 46,000 feet and 120 knots. Motor light off occurred 10 seconds after release and the vehicle boosted smoothly to 150,000 feet and Mach 2.5. Subsequent coast to apogee of 211,400 feet. During a portion of the boost, the flight director display was inoperative, however the pilot continued the planned trajectory referencing the external horizon. Reaction control authority was as predicted and the vehicle recovered in feather experiencing 1.9M and 3.5G’s. Feather oscillations were actively damped by the pilot and the wing was de-feathered starting at 55,000 feet. The onboard avionics was re-booted and a smooth and uneventful landing made to Mojave.

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