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LIVE COVERAGE: Ariane 5 INSAT 4B and Skynet 5A Launch (updated 22:35 GMT)

Published by Klaus Schmidt on Sun Mar 11, 2007 6:12 pm
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22:35 GMT: Successful seperation of INSAT 4B. Another successful Ariane launch came to its end.

22:33 GMT: Seperation of the Sylda payload structure in order to free the underlying INSAT 4B.

22:30 GMT: The Skynet 5A satellite is seperated.

22:29 GMT: Shut-down of the upper stage. The next steps are the seperation of the satellites and the payload structure Sylda.

22:13 GMT: Main engine cutoff and seperation of the first stage. The second cryogenic stage ignited. The ESC-A upper stage with its HM-7B engine will now burn for 15 minutes.

22:07 GMT: The payload fairing is jettisoned. As the rocket reached over 100 kilometers altitude and left the dense atmosphere, this cover is no longer needed.

22:06 GMT: The two solid rocket boosters have been jettisoned after 139 seconds. The main stage continues to push the rocket skywards.

22:04 GMT T Zero: Liftoff of the Ariane 5 ECA rocket carrying INSAT 4B and Skynet 5A

22:03 GMT T-1: Switched to onboard power. Everything is ready for the launch of the Ariane 5 rocket. The Vulcain main engine will be ignited 7 seconds before the boosters to ensure proper operation.

22:00 GMT T-4: The tanks are pressurised for flight.

21:57 GMT T-7: The so-called synchronized sequence is started. This sequence runs completely automated. If a problem occurs the countdown have to be reset to the start of the automated sequence.

21:53 GMT T-10: 10 minutes remaining until the launch. Everything is currently on go. The problem with the water deluge system that was responsible for the scrub yesterday is solved.

17:13 GMT: A new day, a new try. The countdown for the launch of the Ariane 5 is running. Today’s launch window is several minutes longer. It opens at 22:03 GMT and remains open until 22:58 GMT.
The fueling of the propellant tanks of the Ariane 5 main stage has now begun at T-4:50.

You can find yesterday’s launch attempt here…

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