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LIVE COVERAGE: SCRUB Ariane 5 INSAT 4B and Skynet 5A Launch (updated 22:54 GMT)

Published by Klaus Schmidt on Sat Mar 10, 2007 10:48 am
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22:54 GMT: There was no complete confidence in the deluge system so the launch was scrubbed for today. The Ariane’s propellant tanks will now be emptied and the next try for launch is set for tomorrow.

22:52 GMT: We have a launch srub for today.

22:48 GMT: 10 minutes remains in today’s launch window. The range is still on no-go or red.

22:27 GMT: The range problem still seems to exist. There is a problem with the deluge water system, that cools that launch pad at liftoff.

22:20 GMT: The countdown is planned to resume in 15 minutes half-way through today’s launch window of 33 minutes.

22:18 GMT T-7: The countdown is stopped at T-7, the begin of the synchronized sequence.

22:17 GMT T-8: We have a red or no-go situation.

22:10 GMT T-15: 15 minutes remaining until the launch. Everything is currently on go.

17:35 GMT The fueling for the Ariane 5 main stage has begun. The stage is powered by the Vulcain 2 engine feeded by liquid oxygen (LOX) and liquid hydrogen (LH2). Today’s launch will be the 31st for Ariane 5 and the 175th for the Ariane family.

March 10, 2007: The Ariane 5 rocket with its dual payload is ready for the launch today. It rolled out to the launch pad yesterday afternoon.

The payload consists of two satellites weighing a total of 7,785 kilograms:
INSAT 4B is a telecommunications satellite from the Indian Space Research Organisation. It will carry a total of 24 transponders and weighs about 3,085 kilograms.
Skynet 5A, built by EADS Astrium, is a military communications satellite for the United Kingdom. The satellite weighs about 4,700 kilograms.

The Ariane 5 will fly in its ECA version with the cryogenic upper stage ESC-A powered by the HM-7B engine. It uses the Sylda dual payload structure. The launch window opens at 22:25 GMT and remains open until 22:58 GMT.

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