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Orion Propulsion: Some fun with Aerospace Marketing

Published by Sigurd De Keyser on Sun Mar 4, 2007 5:14 pm
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Press Release: We thought we’d have some fun with “Aerospace Marketing.

I have seen a few scams over the last few years of folks selling future rides to space on notional “paper/computer design” rockets! If nothing big is ever tested tested, chances are that there will be no ride to space any time soon, no matter who is making the promises!

We thought we’d be different and offer real piece of test support hardware that is absolutely required to make other space based dreams come to life. Here is a real opportunity to own your own rocket motor test facility at a fraction of what it would cost you to build it! Orion has multiple test cells that are operational, but this one was never brought on-line. This test stand/trailer is huge, and was built for a customer who’s funding dried up;you know the same ole story! This teststand is for sale at Orion’s website under Purchasing Opportunities. It is built and could be ready to ship as early as Monday! It has a manual, CAD Drawing files, CODE stamped tanks, etc.

Designing, Fabrication, and installing vertical and horizontal test facilities has been a huge part of Orion’s heritage. Orion has built several rocket test facilities over that last 2.5 years. Pictures can be seen at:

When you get a chance, go check out the cryogenic valve for sale on Ebay, as well as the link to the Orion Propulsion website where a huge portable test rig/stand is for sale.
Here is an ebay link to a cryogenic valve auction that shows many pictures of the trailer that is for sale at the Orion website.

Ebays valve auction:
Although tis link is for an auction on a valve, it is also contains many of the trailer teschnical specifications.

Orion Propulsion Website

I would appreciate you forwarding this to your space friends and family. Orion pays a finders fee/commision for Orion product sales. If there are any question, feel free to email me or give me a call.

Tim Pickens
256-461-8032 ext 101

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