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FreeSpaceShot.com Gives the People a Free Shot at a Trip to Space!

Published by Sigurd De Keyser on Tue Jan 16, 2007 10:20 am
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Ongoing tournament-style game has six grand prizes to choose from

pace Shot announces today the Grand Opening of its free game site, FreeSpaceShot.com, offering winners a trip to space. Players of all ages are eligible to win.

Contestants can compete for one of six prizes:
• A flight for two around the Moon on Lunar ExpressSM and $100 million.
• A flight for one around the Moon and $50 million.
• An orbital flight and $10 million.
• A flight to outer space and a $100,000 scholarship or $100,000 if graduated from college.
• A $300,000 scholarship or $300,000 if graduated from college.
• A flight in zero G and a $2,250 scholarship or $2,250 if graduated from college.

About the skill game:
As a child, Dr. Sam Dinkin, the founder of Free Space Shot, dreamed of spaceflight. As a top economics student at Caltech, he realized that the key to having more astronauts lay in making space exploration a viable business venture. Dr. Dinkin went on to create a game to convert advertising dollars into space flights. Schools that participate can receive a portion of the advertising proceeds.

“Spaceflight is awesome. But you have to make a lot of money to pay for it. You can take out a $100,000 in student loans for college, but not for spaceflight,” said Dr. Dinkin. “I want people to take space flights while they are young enough to want to. So I put together a skill game for students.

“Kids will no longer be limited to flying around the country when they grow up. With this game, they’ll be free to fly around the Moon!”

To win the Free Space Shot skill game, students research, then predict the weather for Central Park for the next day. The students’ predictions are then paired with opponents’. Students may make as many predictions as they like each day. The next day at 5:00 PM Eastern Time, students can log in and see the results of their predictions. The student with the closer prediction is GO for the next milestone. Every milestone is played the same way. The students who win at all milestones win trips to space!

Free Space Shot conducted sneak previews of the educational game in both Mexico City and Austin, Texas. “I think Space Shot is cool because you can go to space, it gives you internet games to play and it can pay for your college,” said one Mexico City student.

Winning students can take the spaceflights upon turning 18 and passing a physical exam. According to US law, spaceflight vendors must ensure that winners fully understand the risk of flight before agreeing to fly. Dr. Dinkin stresses that no personal information is collected from students. “If a person under 13 wants to play, a parent or a teacher provide their name so that we can award a flight if the player wins without the player providing any online personal information. Our site is a completely safe environment which offers kids the chance to achieve the dream of being an astronaut.”

About Space Shot, Inc.
Space Shot, Inc. is a Texas corporation dedicated to democratizing space via FreeSpaceShot.com

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