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Unreasonable Rocket "Blue Ball" Possible Flight Over 10k

Published by Rob Goldsmith on Wed Dec 9, 2009 10:35 pm via: Unreasonable Rocket
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Paul Breed explains that he  may fly the Blue Ball to its maximum altitude:  The Blue ball has minimal development value for where I want to go with Urocket.

I was going to donate it to the Xprize to hang in their lobby. I talked to my accountant today and learned that I can’t have an increase in basis for a self created asset, that’s CPA for I won’t get any kind of deduction if I donate it. Its basically intact, it would be 100% ready to fly with less than 8 hours of work so next time I’m out at FAR I will bring it home and fix it. Then I will fly it.

Unreasonable Rocket Blue Ball Free flight.

Unreasonable Rocket Blue Ball Free flight.

Without doing any paperwork I can fly it to 1199 ft AGL and back. To go higher than that I’ll need an FAA waiver. So in the next few days I’ll do a detailed model of what it can do and write a waiver request. I’ll probably fly it in 60 to 90 days to max altitude (more than 10K less than 30Kft) and back to the pad.

If anyone wants to fly an experiment on it when I fly it let me know.

  • less than 5Kg
  • self powered
  • 100% open public results

I’ll probably let people on the blog vote for their favorite if I get more than one request.

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Paul: As I understand it, a "Self Created" work can acquire a larger tax deduction as a charitable donation if that work generates a credible, independent "Appraised Value". There is an additional limitation on the type of recipient organization for which these rules apply. A friend of mine has earned such deductions for detailed scale models he has donated to museums.
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