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Bigelow Aerospace Genesis Pathfinder-1 launch on July 12, Wallpaper, etc

Published by Sigurd De Keyser on Fri Jul 7, 2006 8:51 am
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A Dnepr will launch the Bigelow Aerospace Genesis Pathfinder-1 from Dombarovskiy on july 12 .

Bigelow Aerospace reports that their recently re-launched Website had a minor design revision for easier use.

Wallpaper Gallery
A new Bigelow Aerospace computer wallpaper page has been added. Check it out here and download a free image.

Dombarovskiy missile unit is located in Southern Russia, southeast of the city of Orenburg on the border with Kazakhstan near the town of Dombarovka.

Its origin dates back to the beginning of the 1960s, when the Soviet military launched a search for potential sites of operational deployment of the intercontinental ballistic missiles, ICBM. The mass construction of the missile launch infrastructure was taking place in mid 1960s, becoming a major burden for the Soviet economy.

The missile division at Dombarovskiy was officially formed in 1964 (February 1965 according to other sources) with Major General Dmitry Chaplygin as its first commander. The site was intended for underground silos, housing heavy ICBMs.

As of 2002, Dombarovskiy was one of 18 operational missile divisions within the Russian strategic missile forces.

If this launch succeeds, we can expect an other Genesis module launch in +- September 2006.
This time you’ll have a chance to fly your own picture or item into space.

Your personal selection will be floating inside a spacecraft hundreds of miles above the Earth. If all systems function properly, your personal treasure (be it a photo, ring, bottle-cap or toy) will be floating in space for years.

And here is the best part: You might even be able to see it. The Bigelow Aerospace spacecraft known as Genesis II will be carrying multiple cameras. Some of these cameras will be viewing areas inside the spacecraft where your prized possession is floating. Everyday, Bigelow Aerospace will be downloading images and video from these cameras to its Website. If you log onto the Bigelow Aerospace Web portal, you will have a chance to actually see your item floating by! And who knows? If the Genesis II spacecraft stays in orbit for several years as we expect, you may see your face (or item) many times over!

A limited number of objects can be flown aboard the Genesis II this fall so let them know if you’re interested in reserving a slot now. You can reserve up to five opportunites to “Fly Your Stuff™.”.

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