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JP Aerospace - Toshiba Space Chair Commercial

Published by Rob Goldsmith on Mon Nov 16, 2009 10:13 pm via: source
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Today, Monday 16th November, a commercial JP Aerospace shot for Toshiba aired across Europe and Japan.  Here is a link to the commercial and another video regarding the making of it.

Here is a quote from the JP Aerospace Website “This project was both very technically complicated and a blast! We even snuck PongSats on board“.

The Commercial

Here is a “Making of” video that Toshiba put together.

In other news, the team got a patent for their Airship to Orbit “It took about 5 years of work, but we finally did it! We were just awarded the patent for Airship To Orbit.”

JP Aerospace is a volunteer-based organization achieving cheap access to space by just doing it.

They are an independent space program, visit their website at – http://www.jpaerospace.com

Space Fellowship members can chat to the team in the Official JP Aerospace Forum

Toshiba Space Chair Commercial

Toshiba Space Chair Commercial

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