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SpaceChannel.tv and Space-Shot.com in $3.5 million SpaceFlight deal

Published by Sigurd De Keyser on Thu Apr 20, 2006 9:41 am
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Internet video service giving away contest entries for eight or more suborbital spaceflight prizes
IPX Entertainment, Inc. and SpaceShot, Inc have signed an agreement to give away at least 1,000,000 tournament entries worth $3.5 million. “We are excited to be working with Space-Shot.com on a great promotional offer for our SpaceChannel.TV customers,” said Rocky Persaud, President of IPX Entertainment (or IPXN for short). “Space-Shot.com’s tournaments of skill let the general public experience spaceflight personally, should they win the Rocketplane suborbital flight grand prize. We’re working with Space-Shot.com to make offers like this every-day occurrences, not once-in-a-lifetime events.”

SpaceShot CEO Sam Dinkin adds, “Space-Shot.com and SpaceChannel.TV share the same mission to bring to spaceflight to people of all means.”

This deal begins a six-month promotional campaign by SpaceChannel to sign up customers for its channel, offering such program as a space sports reality series, called “Space Champions: Zero Gravity”, about the creation of the first Zero Gravity Sports League (or ZGSL), playing a version of football called Parabolic Football, or Paraball for short. Parabolic Football is played on an aircraft that artificially creates weightlessness, operated by the Zero Gravity Corporation. With this and other programming, including space science documentaries, science fiction dramas, and other space-themed sports / unscripted reality series, IPXN’s SpaceChannel.TV offers the world’s first internet television channel devoted to these genres of programming. IPXN is now casting for the first two teams to be created by the first season of “Space Champions: Zero Gravity”, the Toronto Astronauts, and the Los Angeles Invaders. Application details may be found at online at spacechampions.com.

For the first half a million people who sign up for the SpaceChannel “Space Champions Package”, IPX Entertainment will provide two free entries for a Space-Shot.com contest (retail value, $7) to win $100,000 and a $192,500 trip to space on Rocketplane’s XP. Rocketplane is a company which is finishing up a $40 million development program in Oklahoma and is scheduled to begin test flights in early 2007, and is scheduled to begin carrying passengers, including Space-Shot.com passengers, in the summer of 2007. IPX Entertainment has contracted for enough entries so that SpaceChannel subscribers could fully fill eight complete tournaments, with a suborbital flight grand prize for each tournament. If more than 500,000 people sign up for the Space Champions Package by October 15, 2006, IPXN will give every one of them two free entries for the Space-Shot.com contest. Space-Shot.com has reserved a block of seats from Rocketplane to fly in the first six months after Rocketplane has commenced revenue flight. These winners will receive civilian astronaut wings. Fewer than 1,000 people have ever crossed the 100 km mark to journey to space. The cost of a Space Champions Package may rise in the next few months, so IPXN urges people to sign up now to take advantage of this unique offer.

The Space-Shot.com tournament is a single elimination tournament style game where you compete against one other player to predict the weather in Central Park, New York City. You predict the high temperature for the next day. If you predict the high temperature better than your opponent, you advance through the tournament. 17 better predictions on the same entry and you win a trip to space.

SpaceChannel.TV is an internet video service for the download of videos available for free or for purchase using the SpaceDimes Service Network, which allows customers to watch video ads to earn SpaceDimes, and exchange those SpaceDimes for products and service. The SpaceDimes Service Network is comprised of an Audience Network, a Merchant Network, and an Advertiser Network, between which customers, merchants and advertisers can conduct micropayment financial transactions and anonymous matching of customer profiles and social tags to advertiser’s criteria, in order to exchange customer’s attention to ads for SpaceDimes, and SpaceDimes for products and services such as SpaceChannel videos. The better match between advertiser’s criteria and customer tags, the more SpaceDimes the advertiser will pay the customer. IPX Entertainment will be expanding the SpaceDimes Service Network into a larger Ad-Dimes Service Network in the future, allowing merchants of any type to use the service. IPXN, Space Champions, Zero Gravity Sports League, ZGSL, Parabolic Football, Paraball, SpaceChannel, SpaceDimes and Ad-Dimes are trademarks of IPX Entertainment, Inc., which is a U.S. subsidiary of Interplanetary Expeditions Inc. of Canada.

SpaceShot, Inc. is a Texas corporation bringing the hope of space travel to people of all means. www.space-shot.com hosts tournament style games of skill with space travel prizes.

This news release may include “forward-looking” statements that involve risk and uncertainties. Actual results may differ materially due to a variety of factors.

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