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What Really Happened on Apollo 13?

Published by Matt on Mon Nov 9, 2009 12:15 am via: source
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Hear the story of what really happened on Apollo 13 from the astronauts who were on board, Jim Lovell and Fred Haise. Lovell provides great detail on the history of the oxygen tank and why it exploded, and both Lovell and Haise have some great stories to share about the flight, movie inaccuracies and more.

Thanks to David Meerman Scott from Apollo Artifacts who took this video at the Kennedy Space Center at the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation event on November 6, 2009.

Apollo 13 crew reflects on the mission from David Meerman Scott on Vimeo.

Also on Apollo Artifacts, check out a video of short speech by Neil Armstrong who gave a tribute to the Apollo 12 crew at the flight’s 40th anniversary gala on November 7, 2009.

I'm trying to verify the process used to solve the Apollo 13 "square filter in a round hole" problem. I've read the section in the Mission Operations Report Apollo 13, APRIL28, 1970 that notes that the Crew Systems Division personnel at the Manned Spacecraft Center created a solution from available tape, flight data file cards, and plastic bag material. My question is whether, as shown in the movie depiction, the engineers were physically presented with the available material -- basically dumped on a table. My research is around triggers for sensemaking and this example is perfect -- if it's true (see my related blog post: http://www.terrigriffith.com/blog/2008/11/04/physical-objects-and-innovation/).

All pointers to references appreciated. If one of you even just knows what that they did or did not have the physical material, I'm happy to cite "personal communication."

Thanks, Terri terrilgriffith at yahoo dot com
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